Leftist Bette Midler blasted for posting ‘White Rage Has Always Gotten a Free Pass’ political cartoon likening Tulsa race massacre to Jan. 6 Capitol riot

After her tweet last month threatening to expose allergic school children to peanuts unless they get vaccinated, entertainer Bette Midler continued her streak of venting outrageous, left-wing vitriol by posting Tuesday a “White Rage Has Always Gotten a Free Pass” political cartoon likening the 1921 Tulsa race massacre to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot:

To say Midler received some backlash for it is an understatement.

How did folks respond?

Being a left-wing high priestess, Midler certainly has her fans, and her tweet has received nearly 11,000 likes.

But others were decidedly disgusted by the cartoon’s comparison and informed Midler of their sentiments in no uncertain terms — such as Denver radio talk show host Ross Kaminsky, who called Midler “remarkably moronic.”

Others reacted similarly:

“There was no smoke over the Capitol on 1/6,” one commenter told Midler. “That was your bong.””You’re are either deliberately lying, or you are just a brainwashed cult member…both are a terrible look,” another commenter said.”That’s some convenient selective memory you’ve got there,” one user pointed out to Midler.”So everyone actually being arrested and investigated for what happened on Jan. 6th is just a free pass?” another user wondered. “How does that line up with all the protesters in Portland getting released without prosecution no matter how many times they try to burn down a building with people in it.””Democrats have gotten a ‘free pass’ for starting the Klan. They incentivized, through welfare, the destruction of the black family. You only have to do a little research, Bette, to find this out,” another commenter declared. “Are you just ignorant or pushing an agenda[?]””Disgusting,” another user wrote. “You are trivializing the Tulsa tragedy & using it as a political prop. You demean those who suffered in that tragedy. The only homicide on Jan 6th (by dc med examiner) was an unarmed female vet killed by a capitol police officer. You use her death as a prop too. Vile.””The cognitive deficiency that is revealed in this tweet is staggering,” another commenter noted. “It is a wonder to me how people can navigate themselves through the world carrying the burden of such stupidity.”

Anything else?

Midler is arguably as famous for her attacks on anything or anyone not decidedly pitching a tent in the left-wing camp as she is for “Wind Beneath My Wings.” To wit:

In February, Midler declared God was punishing Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz with Texas’ unprecedented winter storm — and a day later said the recently deceased conservative icon Rush Limbaugh was in hell.Prior to last year’s first presidential debate, Midler urged then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden “kick” then-President Donald Trump “in the nuts!” Then “do it again for the 200,000 people he murdered!”Last August, she kinda, sorta apologized after a deluge of criticism for calling then-first lady Melania Trump an “illegal alien” during the Republican National Convention and saying, “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.”In 2019, Midler blasted Cruz as “spineless” over his response to a mass killing in Texas — after which Cruz returned her venom with kindness.

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