Liberals nearly always get this question wildly WRONG

Douglas Murray, author of “The War on the West,” joined BlazeTV host Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” to separate fact from fiction about Western society and totalk about the far-reaching consequences of allowing “non-historian, non-specialists” to rewrite history in the name of racial and social justice.

In this clip, Murray shared data on how wildly inaccurate people’s ideas are about police shootings, especially people who describe themselves as “very liberal.”

“If you look at the opinion data that we have on how many black people Americans believe are killed every year, unarmed by armed police officers, the figures are out by several orders of magnitude,” Murray explained. “Among people who describe themselves as ‘very liberal,’ a significant proportion of them think that more than 10,000 black men are killed every year by American police when they’re unarmed. The real number is somewhere around 10, which is actually less than the number of policemen killed by armed black men, so there’s another debate,” he continued.

“You’re dealing with a completely grotesque, distorted picture of the present that people in America, and then around the world, have been persuaded to fall for, and that has consequences. Because, if you’re told that this is the case, and that you live in this society, then you bring up white kids to believe that they are somehow contaminated from birth. You bring up young black kids to believe that they are able to be hunted down and killed in America by the state. And you massively exacerbate all racial differences.”

Murray went on to share additional instances of “verifiably false claims” being used to disparage Western culture, including a bizarre (and completely untrue) myth about “mass graves of indigenous children” in Canada, and the tragic story of a British Black Lives Matter activist whose murder was wrongly attributed to “white racism.”

Watch the video clip below or find more episodes of “The Rubin Report” here. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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