Losers and Suckers? Just More Fake News from the Left

Atlantic Magazine has always been a bit of a liberal rag. They print what they want without considering things like facts. They’ve come up with a doozy this time – and it’s creating ripples across America.

Trump called wounded and dead veterans “losers” and “suckers” during a trip to France. Or, that’s the story that the Atlantic is trying to tell.

Security Adviser John Bolton has already come forward to say “not true” – and he should know since he was there.

If this were really a thing that Trump said, it would have come out a lot sooner than now. The trip that this supposedly happened over two years ago. Why not tell what happened back then? Oh, wait, it never happened. So, why not tell the fib now when it’s only two months away from Trump being re-elected as president?

As soon as The Atlantic magazine published the piece, it caused a three-day battle over what the details of the story really were. The Biden campaign and a number of groups supporting Biden took the details and ran with it. It’s almost as if Biden and the Dems worked with The Atlantic ahead of time to create this media feeding frenzy.

President Trump took a trip to France in 2018. During that trip, there was a plan to visit a French cemetery and pay tribute to the American military who had fallen. Last-minute, that part of the trip was canceled.

The Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg paints a narrative where Trump cancels the visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery by saying, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” Supposedly, on the same trip, he refers to the more than 1800 Marines who were killed at Belleau Wood as “suckers.”

Goldberg says he has sources of “four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day.” Hmmm. Who are those sources? He won’t say. This is sounding like the way that Dems always likes to say they have firsthand knowledge when all they really have is a bunch of hearsay.

There are major flaws in Goldberg’s story, however. For the four people to have firsthand knowledge, they would have had to be a part of the conversation where Trump canceled the visit. The moment when it started raining to the point that the helicopter could not fly. Driving, too, was out of the question because it was too late to organize a motorcade that would have been needed to keep Trump, the President of the United States, safe for the ride.

The Navy has already produced email communications where it was military operations that recommended against the helicopter flight. After all, rain and low visibility are not ideal for Marine One.

As for the quote that The Atlantic used, the editor is already backpedaling to say they’re not claiming a specific time and location. Hmmm, well that sounds a bit suspicious, now doesn’t it?

There’s no way that Trump could have traveled to the cemetery if he weren’t going to go by Marine One. Anyone who says otherwise has no understanding of what it takes for the Secret Service to confirm the president’s safety on a daily basis.

It is a 55-mile drive from the US Embassy in Paris to the Aisne-Marne Cemetery. Most of the trip involves traveling through metropolitan Paris. Yeah, that’s not even close to safe for Trump to just drive through without a motorcade in place.

Meanwhile, John Bolton, who is no friend of Trump, has gone on Fox News to say that the story is false. If there’s anyone who would know, it would be Bolton since he was in the room when the decision was made. Considering that Bolton has come forward, it’s pretty easy to say that The Atlantic has created quite a bit of fake news with their false narrative.

Nice try, Dems, but you’ll have to come up with a better story than that to make Trump look bad.

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