Mark Levin dismantles Maddow’s Twitter tantrum

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says Elon Musk will end up regretting purchasing Twitter. And who would know better than Maddow, right? Wrong! Here’s why.

In this clip, “LevinTV” host Mark Levin took a look at comments made about Twitter, free speech, and Elon musk. According to Maddow, Musk wants to make Twitter the wild West, with Twitter users slinging dangerous and perverted content all across the interwebs.

Maddow said that content showing human beheadings and child pornography are two examples of why free speech is a bad idea for Twitter to consider as a platform. Both beheadings and child pornography are prosecutable crimes and have nothing to do with free speech.

If someone posts a beheading video or child pornography, it isn’t the act of posting the video that is the problem. The problem is the act of beheading people and having sex with children. Killing people and abusing children is not covered by the first amendment, so what is Maddow really concerned about?

Watch the clip to see Mark dismantle Maddow’s argument point by point.

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