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MASS MONDAY: Should Christians obey lockdowns?

Look, we all know the Bible commands Christians to follow the laws of the land. But, the Bible does not say all laws of the land will be in sync with God’s law.

The Constitution protects the God-given rights of moral people, and any law in violation of a recognized God-given right is a steaming pile of horse poop.

The government lacks the authority to take away a right they did not grant. Only when a person is found guilty of a high crime can they fall from the grace of God-given rights. Even then, punishment may not be cruel or unusual.

Observed today, the coronavirus pandemic improperly green-lighted the state and local authorities to prohibit churches from congregating. A two-time First Amendment violation: The right to worship and to peacefully assemble.

During the Founding era, when an individual fell ill during the smallpox pandemic, only those with symptoms and co-inhabitants were quarantined. Smallpox has an estimated 30% mortality rate. COVID-19, on the other hand, an estimated 0.28% rate. Yet, we currently see state and local governments enforcing executive orders prohibiting churches from congregating. Americans are beyond embarrassing right now. This is a gross abuse of everything America stands for. Everything.

Truth bomb: When the American people decide to stare the COVID-19 lie directly in the eye, no amount of inflated death and hospitalization rates will yield their forgiveness.

So, should Christians obey the COVID-19 lockdown? Steven Crowder explains…

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