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Massive Support to Fund Police and Democrats are Stunned

Defunding of the police in Seattle is not sitting well with the millions of people that actually support the police. The minority of police haters are finding out that their push to cripple the police is backfiring in their faces. People all over the city are pressuring the city council to vote down the measure to slash the police budget by 50 percent. Which would open the door for an increase in crime and violence.

The proposal to hurt the police because of the actions of one-man thousands of miles away is being met with massive resistance. People want to live safely and not have to worry about criminals hurting them or attacking their families. The vastly liberal council is in favor of defunding the police, but they have more to worry about as the cycle of their election is coming up.

Hundreds of heroes would lose their jobs if the selfish and cowardly city council decided to listen to the minority instead of the majority. The police do the jobs that no one else wants to do. They are the ones that enter a gunfight and put a stop to the violence, while the members of the council hide in the shadows.

The very idea of defunding the police is as ridiculous as believing that one can breathe underwater. The city council has heard numerous accounts and opinions on how silly the idea of defunding the police is. The idea will essentially let violent criminals consume the innocent.

One police union has collected over 20,000 signatures demanding that the city council stop pursuing this silly proposal. The idea is based on the liberal idea that police are bad, and criminals are good. Democrats hate accountability and getting rid of the police is their way of letting themselves get away with criminal activities.

Over 300 people have told the council in person to give up the idea of defunding the police. The majority of people in Seattle want the police budget left alone. What happens in Seattle will have repercussions around the country. Liberals pick away at small things until they become major issues. Seattle would be a small issue that could lead to other like actions elsewhere.

People must speak up and put a stop to the illegal takeover of America that is happening at the hands of the Democrats. Their loony ideas hurt and destroy people, and nothing is ever done to right the wrong. The city council and mayor let the idea take form when rioters set up the CHOP zone. A place with no police. And the result was murder and high crime.

Republicans all of the state and the country are screaming the facts, but the liberals are not listening to them. The Democrats refuse to look at the evidence and listen to the people. They blindly move from one decision to another without ever considering the consequences of their actions.

President Trump is encouraging Seattle and the other cities considering the option of defunding the police to not go down that road. It is a road that leads to destruction. Peace officers are trained to keep criminals from taking over and hurting the innocent.

Three liberal city council members even had to hire their bodyguards because of the idea of defunding the police was so unpopular. The very idea of no police scares people. and why they are still considering the option is beyond all reason.

In the past, Democrats were union favorites. But now the unions are fighting the liberals because they are so bad. Places like Seattle have had federal agents sent in to stop the violence because the police are being kept from doing their job. The president should not have to step in and do the job that local elected officials are being elected to do.

The liberals want to hurt the American people. But they have to realize that at some point that violence is going to come to their door and hurt them. It will be at that time that they will finally realize how stupid they were to defund the police.

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