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Michigan woman says someone left a noose and a hate-filled note about Black Lives Matter in her car

Saginaw police and the FBI are investigating a report from a Michigan woman after someone left a noose in her car along with a hate-filled note against Black Lives Matter.

Regina Simon posted photos of a rope tied into a noose and the note on a Facebook post. She said the items were discovered in their car Sunday morning.

“My husband woke me to say this was in my car. We are blown back by this. I was wearing the BLM shirt yesterday,” wrote Simon.

Simon identifies as Mexican and white, and her husband is black.

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“To know that a ‘neighbor’ holds hate for me and my family truly hurts. But I do have a response planned, best believe,” she added.

The note appeared to read, “Accessory to be worn with your BLM T-shirt! Happy protesting!”

In a statement, the Saginaw Police Department said they were investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

“The Saginaw Police Department is treating this case very seriously and Detectives are currently working on this case in conjunction with the FBI,” read the statement.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Saginaw Police investigating after noose found in vehicle

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