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Minneapolis Wants to Let it All Hang Out, Literally

Want to know what happens when Dems rule a city? They let it all hang out – weapons, breasts…you name it. Just as Minneapolis finally gets their riots under control, they now want to vote on repealing a rule that would prohibit women from going topless throughout city parks. That’s a normal thing to do, right? Just go topless?

Wow, it sounds like Minneapolis really has their finger on the pulse of what’s important in the country. During a time of civil unrest, that’s what most women are thinking about doing – running through the parks topless. Whew! Good thing that the Minneapolis Parks Board is voting to make it legal. Otherwise, we’d end up with a bunch of clothed, civilized people walking around.

Right now, it is prohibited for women and transgender people to expose their breasts throughout parks and parkways. It’s crazy – there’s actually a law that prohibits indecent genital exposure and lewdness. Since we’re all about the cancel culture here in the US of A and 2020 can’t get any crazier, we might as well allow all of the lewdness we can, right? After all, it’s just not fair that men can go topless and women cannot.

Chris Meyer, the Park Board Commissioner, believes that the current ruling contains “discriminatory language” that would prohibit women from exposing their breasts. What exactly is going on in Minneapolis right now? Clearly, the thousands of women begging to expose their breasts in the parks have been shielded from the media. Is there that much of a demand for this sort of thing?

Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking for Chris Meyer. If it’s allowed, perhaps he can get his first glimpse of the female form because…it’s just weird.

Meyer seems to be particularly concerned because “elsewhere in Minneapolis,” it is legal for people of all genders to go topless. Not that they do, but at least they can. Meyer wants to make sure that women and transgender people are not being cited for it if they choose to go bare from the waist up in the parks.

Exactly what is this going to look like if the vote goes in his direction? Are people going to strip off their shirts in celebration? What happens when there are people who don’t want to strip off their shirts? This cancel culture is becoming increasingly more off.

Whatever happened to something as simple as decency? Women (and transgenders) stay covered because female breasts are a form of nudity. It just is. It’s not appropriate for women to be seen flaunting themselves around the parks (or anywhere else for that matter). The fact that it’s a man fighting for this may be the most disturbing thing. Where are his petitions? Where are the women demanding that they have these rights?

The whole thing seems odd, but, we are talking about Minneapolis. It seems as if the Democratic-run city needs something to be upset about. A few weeks ago, it was police brutality. This week, it’s going to be about breasts.

It may be a terrifying question to ask – but what’s going to be next? Perhaps we don’t want to know the answer to that.

So, as we wait for the park board to complete three votes on repealing the ordinance with the final decision being made in August, we all wait with bated breath to find out what will happen. Who knows? Maybe Minneapolis will start a trend so that other states will feel it is “their right” to walk around half-nude, too.

Not quite the trend we were looking for, 2020. Minneapolis, and let’s just throw it out there, Dems in general, you have to get your act together. The nudity and the overall condemnation of anything good and wholesome have to end. It’s time to cancel your cancel culture. We’re over it. Cover it up and come back to 2020 when you can behave.

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