More Violence While Dems Look the Other Way in Portland – ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’

The Dems are beginning to sound a bit like the band Drowning Pool with their constant chant of, “Let the bodies hit the floor.” While they’re not singing it out loud, they’re clearly big fans of watching the body count increase around Portland.

The problem is that too many Dems outside of Portland want to pass it off as #fakenews. They blame it on the right-leaning media for making a big deal out of things. However, every media outlet in the country is looking at Portland now because the violence has been going on for months. Fox News, ABC, NBC, and the New York Times are all looking at the city’s mess.

The cops can’t help but speak up about it, too. They don’t get paid enough to have broken bottles and rocks thrown at them each and every day while Democratic leaders look the other way.

The Portland Police Department has declared a riot at the North Precinct following reports that officers were dealing with protesters throwing bottles and rocks at them along with shining lasers in their direction.

The protesters marched from a park to the precinct, chanting about several things, including the name of ‘Jacob Blake’ a black man who was recently shot by the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, the PPD has tweeted that “criminal activity has continued.” They also issued a warning to all persons, requiring them to leave to the south. If they fail to adhere to these directions, they are subject to being cited, arrested, or have crowd control agents used on them.

The PPD means business – and no one can accuse them of not providing ample warning. Anyone who gets arrested or has tear gas sprayed on them at this point are resisting police directions.

Portland has been dealing with civil unrest for over 10 weeks now. Trump has offered to send in the National Guard as well as the Department of Homeland Security. However, the Democratic mayor says no. According to Mayor Ted Wheeler, he’s got everything under control. The law-abiding citizens of Portland would disagree, however.

The North Precinct was actually set on fire on Sunday. The department tweeted to say, “Stop attacking officers.”

Portland has been an unfortunate area of what happens when the Dems turn their head and pretend as though nothing has happened. Neither George Floyd nor Jacob Blake were killed in Portland. The city of Portland does not deserve this level of rioting. It isn’t changing anything. It isn’t going to end racism. It’s certainly not helping anyone’s causes.

The violent protests have been dealt with to the best of the police officers’ abilities. Federal authorities have also had to step in to make some arrests as there have been quite a few demonstrations near federal buildings in the city of Portland.

Trump continues to urge the Democratic leaders of Oregon to request federal assistance. After all, the violence has to come to an end. However, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown have gone out of their way to criticize Trump sending in troops to protect federal property. He had no choice, though – they certainly weren’t going to protect it.

It’s easier to pretend that there’s no problem. If they jump to fix the problem, they admit that there is a problem – and that they’ve let it get out of control. As the Acting Deputy of Homeland Security, Secretary Ken Cuccinelli says, they have the resources to squash the issue in Portland. 7800 national guardsmen are a phone call away.

Cuccinelli said that the “pathetic failure of local and state officials” was on display throughout the weekend.

The city is literally on fire. The riots have led to a significant amount of violence, looting, and even death. Meanwhile, the only thing that Biden has had to say about what’s going on is that the Trump administration is “brutally attacking peaceful protesters.”

Biden is choosing to be blind to the issues even when the rest of the country is being shown video coverage of the violence.

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