Morning Docket: 09.09.19

Morning Docket: 09.09.19

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* In the two years or so that Justice Neil Gorsuch has served on the Supreme Court, he’s become “everything conservatives hoped for and liberals feared,” having voted to overturn or suggested revisiting 11 of the court’s precedents thus far. [Washington Post]

* Speaking of Justice Gorsuch, here are the two rules he tells each of his law clerks to follow: “Rule number one: Don’t make it up — follow the law. Rule number two: when everybody else around you is yelling at you, asking you to make it up and condemning you for not making it up, refer to rule number one.” [Fox News]

* “I’m indebted to have his help and advice. He truly is a great American.” Frequent Trump critic George Conway, the Wachtell of counsel married to Kellyanne Conway, is informally advising former Rep. Joe Walsh’s 2020 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. [CNN]

* According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal sector added around 4,100 jobs in August, outpacing U.S. job growth. This seems like exciting news, but it capped off a summer where overall growth for law jobs was mostly flat. [American Lawyer]

* A Housewife Desperate to stay out of jail: Federal prosecutors say probation isn’t enough for Felicity Huffman’s participation in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal and want her to serve at least one month in jail, but her lawyers don’t agree. [TODAY]

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