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MSNBC: It is ‘mystifying and disheartening’ that working class men admire Trump

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and anti-Trump critic Tom Nichols said they found it “mystifying” that working class men in America found President Donald Trump admirable.

They were discussing an article by Nichols in The Atlantic entitled, “Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President” on “Morning Joe” on Monday.

“This popular plutocrat has become so popular with certain blue collar workers,” said Scarborough.

“He uses populist rhetoric, but he’s got plutocratic policies, I remember the tax cuts, him going to his billionaire friends at Mar-a-Lago, and saying, ‘I just made you guys richer today,’ um, income inequality, obviously. Expands, he helps multi-national corporations, he promises to gut, he makes a promise to gut the healthcare assurances that a lot of working class Americans got over the past four or five years,” he continued. “It remains a mystery why a guy whose policies are so detrimental to working class Americans, still has an in to some of them.”

“Yeah and I think it’s especially strange that he has such an appeal to working class men,” responded Nichols.

“Um, because he really is everything they don’t believe in. He doesn’t treat people fairly, he’s not an honorable man, he’s not an honest man, he’s vain, he’s self-centered, he is not what you know, people who grew up like you or me or Mike Barnicle, you know, the old expression, he’s not a standup guy,” he continued.

“And yet there are working class men who think he’s terrific, and that’s really mystifying, because Donald Trump does not act like a man taking responsibility, leading his team, taking care of the workers of America,” he added.

“He’s our national, irascible little boy!” Nichols claimed.

“And I mean it is some way absolutely mystifying that the people who are most vulnerable, and that Trump is most harming, support him the most strongly. And I think it boils down to the reality that, you know, he hates the same people they hate. It’s a good show, they enjoy the circus,” he added.

“But it really is a remarkable betrayal of everything they believe in, and as I wrote this morning, especially the men!” he concluded. “It’s especially a betrayal on the part of the men who admire him, I think it’s really mystifying and disheartening.”

Here’s the video of the anti-Trump conversation on MSNBC:

Tom Nichols Weighs In On ‘The Most Unmanly President’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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