MSNBC viewers lash out at Andrea Mitchell and demand she retire over comments critical of Joe Biden

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell faced the ire of her network’s viewers when she criticized former Vice President Joe Biden over an injury to his foot.

Mitchell made the comments on Monday on “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” pointing out that Biden had suffered the injury on Saturday but didn’t disclose it to the public until later.

“It was also notable, you know he fell, playing with his dog Major, we’re told, on Saturday, it wasn’t until Sunday that the White House pool knew that he was going somewhere, and then it turned out to be a doctor, you know, for an x-ray, and then they needed more imaging, so CT scans,” Mitchell said.

“They weren’t as forthcoming as you would hope they would be with the press pool that’s supposed to cover them,” she concluded.

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Viewers lash out at Mitchell

Many liberals and other critics of President Donald Trump were outraged that Mitchell would criticize Biden.

“Are you f**king serious with this Andrea Mitchell? Biden not transparent enough about his ankle? THEY VIDEOTAPED HIM AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE!” tweeted Mediaite writer Tommy Christopher with a video of her comments.

“This is STANDARD FOR ORTHOPEDIC diagnoses as I well know ffs STOP THIS CRAP BOTH SIDESING,” responded another viewer.

“Not only can I not stand her boring ass voice, I can’t stand her ridiculous reporting either,” said another viewer.

“Oh my did Andrea Mitchell actually saying the [sic] Joe Biden wasn’t as forthcoming about his ankle give me a fking break,” said another.

Others demanded that Mitchell retire or be fired from her position over the comments.

“You and @chucktodd both need to go,” said one viewer.

“Time to take an early retirement @mitchellreports . The people are done watching you,” said another viewer.

“@mitchellreports needs to go. This two standards crap for the GOP vs. Dems is beyond old,” said another viewer.

Mitchell is no stranger to pushback from social media. In March she was excoriated over a video of Biden that selectively edited out his cursing and and a threat in order to make it look far less unhinged.

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