MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell issues defiant statement after Dominion threatens to sue him over election fraud claims

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell fired off a defiant message after receiving a legal threat from Dominion Voting Systems, an election machine manufacturing company many accused of a labyrinthine election fraud scheme.

Dominion accused Lindell of participating in a “smear campaign” against them and demanded in a cease and desist letter on Monday that he “preserve and retain all documents relating to Dominion.”

Lindell has been one of the more prominent voices accusing Dominion of being complicit in a scheme to steal the election from President Donald Trump by switching votes for him to President-elect Joe Biden. Dominion has denied the accusations and sued pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell for $1.3 billion over what they said was a viral defamation campaign.

Lindell responds

When asked by Axios about the lawsuit, Lindell issued a defiant response.

“I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election,” Lindell said.

Dominion secured an apology and a retraction from The American Thinker, a right-wing opinion website, for its claims of election tampering against the company.

In its letter to Lindell, Dominion accused the CEO of knowingly lying about the claims made against the company.

“Despite knowing your implausible attacks against Dominion have no basis in reality, you have participated in the vast and concerted misinformation campaign to slander Dominion,” read the letter. “Litigation regarding these issues is imminent.”

Lindell has been targeted for ridicule by critics of the president for his statements of support for Trump in the past. More recently he met with the president in the White House and said that he talked to him about the evidence he claims to have about election fraud.

He also said that MyPillow was dropped by Bed Bath and Beyond stores over pressure from a boycott campaign by a liberal watchdog group.

“The most evil people on the planet!” Lindell said of the group.

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