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New Jersey Ruins Kanye’s Birthday Party

There’s nothing worse than balloons popping at a birthday party. Kanye West promised the country that if he wins, it’s a party for everyone. It’s why he’s running as an independent under the “Birthday Party.” Is it funny, yeah? Is it harmless? Of course, it is. But clearly, the Dems are feeling a bit nervous about Kanye actually running.

His nominating petitions are being challenged in New Jersey. Yes, the man who has 30 million followers on Twitter is being challenged that the 1327 signatures he provided may be made up. Sure. Because it’s clearly out of the question that all 1327 signatures are legitimate. Not to mention, in the state of New Jersey, he only needed 800 to get the job done.

Who is the one challenging that Kanye can actually have his name on the ballot in New Jersey? That would be a Democratic lawyer by the name of Scott Salmon. He says that the signatures are “egregiously bad, almost to a degree insulting.” According to the lawyer who also ran for Congress in 2018, the petitions are missing required information and many appear to be written in the same hand.

What he fails to consider is that Kanye West is most likely going to target his fans for the signatures. Why not? Who wouldn’t want their favorite rapper as president? That means that most of the signatures are going to come from the same demographic. If they all want to put a little circle above the “i” when they sign their name, let them.

Even if there were a few signatures the same, Kanye provided more than 500 above what was actually required. It sounds like the Dems are looking at any excuse to not allow Kanye on the ballot.

Maybe…just maybe, it’s because the Dems are more racist than they want to lead on. Although Kanye is a Republican with friends throughout the GOP, he is also black. Biden has claimed that he’s got the black voters…and anyone who is voting for Trump “ain’t black.”

Realistically, if Kanye West were to run, he’d be taking votes away from Trump since it provides Republicans with a second option. However, since he’s black, he’s a threat to Biden. And the Dems are doing their best to rig the election. They can’t deal with this unaccounted-for obstacle, so they’ll prevent Kanye from getting on as many ballots as possible.

Libertarians are captivated by Kanye West, too. However, there is concern over his mental health, especially when he has acknowledged being bipolar.

Salmon, apparently, is also concerned and “sympathetic” to Kanye’s mental health concerns. Sure. Perhaps that’s why Salmon is counting the signatures so carefully. Salmon isn’t a signature analyst, but he’s certainly entitled to his opinion. However, being a Democrat, he may want to focus more on the person representing his own party. Biden is showing a lot more mental health decline than Kanye. Biden likely can’t even remember when his birthday is, let alone answer what the Birthday Party is that Kanye is trying to create.

Right now, Kanye is only on the ballots for Oklahoma and Missouri. He didn’t have enough signatures for South Carolina. And, his petition is being questioned in his home state of Illinois.

It appears that the Dems are overly concerned about Kanye, indeed. Even though independents don’t usually fare well in New Jersey and most of the state votes Democratic, it’s clear that they’re nervous. Otherwise, why have a lawyer challenge the petition? Just let the rapper have his fun.

Scott Salmon and other Dems are challenging the petitions because they need Biden to win. They’ll pop every balloon around the country to ensure that a rapper isn’t the one to take votes away from Biden, even though it could also mean that Trump loses votes, too. Poor Kanye. This is not looking like a very good birthday party.

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