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New protester group says they will defend CHOP encampment ‘if the people of Seattle’ choose it

A new protester group calling itself “Black Collective Voices” announced that they would be holding the “space” at CHOP if the people of Seattle called for it.

The group made a list of demands at a media briefing in Seattle Thursday.

“If the people of Seattle choose to hold the space at CHOP, Black Collective Voices will stay here,” said Naudia Miller, a leader of BCV.

“Even if they force activists out of CHOP, it will not stop us or this movement,” she continued, according to the Seattle Times. “We will not be bought off, we will not attend meetings where the goal is to buy us off, we are here to dismantle systemic racism.”

Miller went on to say that they demanded the Seattle Police Department be defunded by half, that those funds be relocated to pay for social services, and that all protesters arrested be released.

By Thursday morning, most of the protesters had dispersed from the “autonomous zone” as it was previously known, and the CHOP encampment and movement had deflated.

Mayor Jenny Durkan (D), who had been supportive of the encampment, admitted it was time to shut it down after several shootings and one death.

Some Seattle residents and businesses fed up with the experiment filed a lawsuit against the city for encouraging the encampment.

BCV isn’t the only group making demands — a different collective says they will make their demands for CHOP known in an announcement on Friday.

Here’s the report of the demands from BCV:

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