Newsom Lives with a Different Set of Rules Than Californians

The Democrats claim to fame since COVID-19 started this year is proving that they are hypocrites. They push rules and regulations on people and then turn around and ignore those set rules like they do not apply to them. The liberal elite believes that they live above the law and can do whatever makes them feel good.

Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom are the two worst socialists to violate the rules they should be living under. Pelosi decided to visit her hair salon during the last lockdown secretly. When she was discovered, she tried to blame the hairstylist owner for setting her up.

Gavin Newsom is the latest liberal to reveal his true colors. After he banned Thanksgiving dinners for the state, he was found attending a dinner that violated COVID-19 laws. The dinner was being put on by one of his lobbyist buddies.

The lockdown rules restrict private gatherings and forbid households from having more than three families attending. But Newsom seemed to ignore his own set of foul rules blatantly. He believes that he above the law.

Newsom took to owning the rules as he would state early that everyone was in the pandemic together. But the farther things moved along in the year, and it became apparent that his words were lies. The rich within the state are able to do their own thing. But the middle-class and hardworking Americans are left to suffer.

The rest of the state is living in a bubble of social separation. They have to deal with economic failure as their businesses closed, and their jobs are done away with. The Newsom elite continue on with their yacht-filled lives like nothing is wrong. Except the homeless class is getting more massive, and the poor are getting nothing.

The Democratic double standard is all revealing. Ever since the pandemic started, these people have gone out of their way to defy the rules and continue on with their lives. Newsom also allowed his two kids to attend a private school, which was allowed to reopen so his kids could continue to get an education.

The rest of the state schools cannot reopen because of the strict rules that he has put in place. He keeps saying that the schools will be a COVID-19 infectious ground zero. But so far, nothing like that has happened at the private school. His words are not matching up with the facts.

Newsom’s double standard was also seen when he orders 19 different counties to shut down all commercial businesses. His winery is located in one of those 19 counties. But it never shut down. It was allowed to continue to operate so he could continue to make his millions.

And yet, with all of the apparent lies and double standard actions, the media has not once condemned the wretched man for his sinful actions. Crazy man Newsom is left to lurk in the shadows so he can continue to live the high life.

His actions a just a glimpse of what is happening at even higher levels of leadership. Pelosi saw to it organize a victory dinner for all of her liberal morons in celebration of the House’s new members. The preparations flew in the face of all Californians and other Americans who were told to cancel their dinner plans this November season.

The illustrious Democrats are reaching into private homes and telling people what they can do for the rest of the year. In the end, the liberals will tell people to mask up for bed and eat through their masks before starting their lockdown day on the couch.

Americans have had enough of the liberal lies. Their attempt to steal an election, and now the overreaching of federal authority is beginning to prompt people to ignore the rules.

When the liberals fail to adhere to the set rules, the people will not follow them for long. The only way the liberals could retain their power was to cheat and fill their vote count with fake ballots. The Democrats want to set themselves up to be the next royal family. They want to live above the law and do things that satisfy their selfish desires—all at the people’s expense.

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