NYC Rioters Busted…Then They Realize Who They Are

Black Lives Matter portrays the violent escapades that they engage in each night as a glamorous way to make a difference. They spout all sorts of high-profile statements to make people think that their motives are pure and holy. But, behind their propaganda and illustrious sin lies the truth of their reality. Violent members get a change of outfit and a new roommate as they are placed in prison for illegal acts of violence.

The wealthy youth of New York City must be bored with all the money their parents have because some of them have banded together with the goal of starting their own revolution. The spotlight from BLM and Antifa protests has called them out of their homes. But they are finding out that they have been lied to, and now they will have new friends in prison for their actions.

One member of the so-called New Afrikan Black Panther Party is Clara Kraebber. She was arrested along with six other “comrades” for smashing storefront windows and other violent acts. The wealthy spoiled brat of Upper East Side thought she was above the law but quickly found out that she had to answer the law.

All seven of these brats had a bright future ahead of them. But now that they have criminal records and most likely felony charges, their hopes and dreams have all but disappeared. No amount of daddy’s money will be able to bail them out of trouble this time.

The spoiled rich kids have parents that seem to be out of touch with their children as Adi Sragovich would be able to replace a lost cell phone by begging mommy to buy her a new one. Her mother, Susan Sragovich, would state, “She hasn’t been terribly in touch, she’s been off doing her own thing. I kept thinking I would get a call from the hospital or she’d get arrested because it seems like it’s just dangerous times right now.”

Sragovich was a musician until she marched out into the streets to take part in the devil’s dance. Instead of performing for her fans and friends, she now can perform for the inmates at the local correctional facility. Liberals with money think they live above the law, but the law extends to every person.

The twisted teachings of the liberal universities are clearly seen in Sragovich’s comment that “It really invigorated me. I feel like my generation is finally coming into its moment. Unfortunately, that power comes from the fact we’re the ones being hunted and killed.”

She believes that law enforcement roams around looking for youth to kill. What she does not understand is that there are laws that must be enforced. If the youth would not commit the crimes, then there would be no reason for the police to come and find them.

Another member of the brat squad is Claire Severine. She has been charged with rioting. Her new actions have led to her modeling career to go up in smoke. No one in their right mind is going to hire a girl with a violent attitude.

Her self-proclaimed modeling profiles read, “Claire has always had a profound respect for nature and enjoys hiking, photographing these hikes, and trying to get other people excited about our wonderful planet! She believes beauty can be found everywhere and in everybody, if you just look around.” And yet, her actions certainly do not reflect what her profile claims about her.

The actions of these spoiled brats are incredibly violent. They have given up the right to attend school and to make a difference in the world the right way. They had a chance to change things legally, but they fell into the lie that only violence works at changing things. Nothing about smashing windows or beating up a person will change society for the better.

President Trump is the law and order president. He stands for the constitutional way of living in America. These seven young brats missed their chance to enact social change in America because they resorted to violence. They allowed the poison of their liberal teachers to warp their thinking and, in the end, found a new world in prison life.

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