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NYPD supervisors pushed story of bleach in milkshakes — but cops were never even ill, reports say

A Monday New York Post report alleges that the officers who reportedly received milkshakes spiked with bleach were never even ill, despite assertions otherwise.

A near-immediate NYPD investigation found no wrongdoing by Shake Shack’s employees following the alleged incident, which you can read more about here.

What are the details?

Members of the NYPD reportedly lied about the poisoned shakes, and reports are alleging that the officers involved in the incident never even fell ill.

TMZ on Monday also reported that the officers reportedly ordered the shakes via mobile app — and so employees never even knew that officers had placed an order. The Post added that the three shakes were ordered in two separate orders.

The Bronx officers were on protest duty in Lower Manhattan during the incident, which the Post is chalking up to sour shakes.

The Post wrote, “Police sources explained it was clear that the workers couldn’t have known cops had placed the orders ‘since it wasn’t done in person’ — and they couldn’t have dosed the drinks after the officers arrived, because they were packaged and waiting for pickup when the trio walked in.”

The Post reports that the trio of Bronx officers reportedly told their sergeant about the shakes, who, in turn, sent the Emergency Service Unit to set up a “crime scene” at the Manhattan eatery for an immediate search for evidence.

“Meanwhile,” TMZ reported, “the cops were rushed to Bellevue Hospital, where they were reportedly examined and sent on their merry way without ever showing the slightest of symptoms.”

Shortly thereafter, a Bronx lieutenant reportedly blabbed to the police union alleging that six officers became violently ill and began throwing up after drinking beverages from the Manhattan Shake Shack, insisting that they “started throwing up after drinking beverages they got from Shake Shack on 200 Broadway.”

“It was unclear why the sergeant and lieutenant escalated the situation,” the Post reported.

Detectives and investigators reportedly reviewed surveillance footage of the restaurant and spoke with several employees.

“The report says video showed the shakes were normally made,” TMZ added. “No poison or funny business.”

Despite the officers never falling ill, the Detectives Endowment Association and the Police Benevolent Association insisted that the officers had been poisoned by Shake Shack workers, with a substance purported to be bleach.

Following the investigation, the unions deleted their tweets.

“Privately,” the Post noted, “they blamed the lieutenant who first raised the false alarm.”

The city council speaker is now demanding a probe into the police unions’ behavior. A spokesperson for the NYPD says it is still reviewing the incident.

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