Obama Hits the Campaign Trail Now That Biden is Last Man Standing

Barrack Obama wanted nothing to do with Joe Biden during the primaries. He wanted to sit back and watch the candidates duel it out without choosing to back his former VP with an endorsement. It raised red flags all over the country because Obama wasn’t supporting Biden.

Now, only after Bernie Sanders and everyone else dropped out is Obama coming out to stand behind Biden. Well, too little and too late.

Joe Biden didn’t win the primaries. He was simply all that was left as everyone mysteriously decided to drop out. Now, Obama doesn’t have a choice but to stand behind the former VP. To shun Biden now would be to let down the entire Democratic Party.

And Biden is too dim-witted to understand the truth behind all of Obama’s actions. Obama would have stood behind any of the remaining Democratic candidates because that’s what he does. He chose purposefully not to endorse Biden – until he absolutely had to.

Yet, Biden says pridefully that Obama is doing plenty for the campaign. He also told reporters that Obama would be hitting the campaign trail. Oh? Where? When? It seems these details wouldn’t be given. Instead, Biden hopped a plane to head to Florida where he has to make up serious ground in this battleground state.

It’s kind of like teasing a child at this point. Biden gets to feel good about himself because Obama is now endorsing him. He’s also being led to believe that he stands a chance of winning over Florida. Florida will go to Trump just like it did in 2016. The reason for that is the people of Florida have no desire to pay more taxes or bring socialism any closer to their homes.

Obama did give an address from the American Revolution in Philadelphia. It’s good to know that he’s still going strong with his convoluted thoughts on the country. He believes there’s “a lot at stake” for this election, ranging from the pandemic to the economy to climate control to “protecting” the health care.

Well, since Obama is the one to bring all of that up, it seems only fair to address it all. The pandemic is already being controlled. The economy has improved drastically since Trump took over – and it will continue to be great once everyone gets back to work. As for climate change, there’s not much that can be done to protect the country until global partners do their fair share – like India and China. As for protecting health care, the Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obamacare is one of the worst options for health care – and Trump is looking to tear it apart to improve healthcare for all Americans.

As much as it appears that Obama is in Biden’s corner, it’s clear that he’s not gung-ho about it. Where is all of the in-person campaigning for Biden? It seems as though Obama simply doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. He’s misleading Biden and Democrats across the country.

When it comes down to it, Obama’s lack of endorsement and campaigning has spoken volumes. Obama may feel as though he has to stand behind Biden since he’s now the Democratic presidential candidate, but he never wanted Biden as president. That means that he probably wasn’t too happy with the job that he did as vice president.

So, what are we left with? Biden is promising us that Obama is hitting the campaign trail. Obama is telling us that there’s work to be done. But there’s still not really an endorsement. And if the Biden campaign can’t produce a list of cities and dates where Obama will actually be campaigning for Biden, it’s hard to believe any of us.

Lies. That’s what we’re left with. More lies from the Democratic side. If it’s taken this long for Obama to get behind Biden, how is the rest of America supposed to feel? Biden’s simply the leftovers – and Trump offers the main course that Americans deserve.

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