Of Course, Andrew Cuomo Wants to Stop COVID Vaccine

It really shouldn’t be news to anyone that Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t approve of much of anything President Donald Trump says or does, especially when it comes to COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic. But to deny an entire nation or at least his state a vaccine on that basis? Sounds a little crazy, right?

But apparently, that’s exactly what Cuomo has in mind.

As you likely have heard, there is a viable vaccine in the works. Pfizer, the company responsible for creating the vaccine, announced this past weekend that its creation has a success rate of 90 percent so far, which is excellent news. And as such, plans are being made on the best possible ways and timeline to distribute the vaccine.

However, Cuomo doesn’t think the vaccine is a good idea.

Why? Well, simply put, because Trump is still in office.

And he basically said as much when asked about the news of a vaccine by ABC’s Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

Stephanopoulos asked Cuomo what he made of the news, and Cuomo didn’t hesitate to say that “it’s good news/bad news.” He explained, “The good news is the Pfizer tests look good and we’ll have a vaccine shortly. The bad news is that it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over and that means this administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan.”

So, he doesn’t mind the vaccine itself. He doesn’t like that Trump’s administration will be distributing or putting the vaccine into action. As he promised earlier, when a vaccine was found, and if Trump was still in office, he stated that he would be conducting his own tests and studies on it to make sure that it was something safe for America – as if Trump would be trying to kill us all off or something.

But apparently, even though the “tests look good,” it’s still not enough to convince the liberal leader that Americans should be getting a vaccine from Trump.

He told Stephanopoulos, “The vaccine plan is very important and it’s probably the most ambitious undertaking since COVID began… And the Trump Administration is rolling out the vaccination plan and I believe it’s flawed.”

In Cuomo’s opinion, “I believe it learns nothing from the past. They’re basically going to have their private providers do it and that’s going to leave out all sorts of communities that were left out the first time when COVID ravaged them.”

So what needs to be done instead? “What needs to be done that the Trump administration won’t do that President-Elect Biden could do?” Stephanopoulos asked.

Now, I warn you; this answer should be a simple one, right? After all, Cuomo has already figured out what he doesn’t like about Trump’s plan, so it should be relatively easy to state what he thinks Biden should do instead.

But of course, it isn’t a simple answer. In fact, what Cuomo says in reply can’t even really be considered a response, mainly because it has nothing to do with the question. As usual, Cuomo turns the question around and uses it as a prime opportunity to do some good ole Trump-bashing.

He says, “The Biden administration, when you deny – when you deny a problem the way Trump did, you can never solve it and that’s true in life. The Trump Administration denied COVID. So they were never ready for it. There was no mobilization of the government. And they’re still doing the same thing. They’re going to take this vaccine and they’re going to go through the private mechanism.”

Not exactly an answer, is it?

Stephanopoulos must not have thought so either because he posed the question to Cuomo again. After another blatant attempt to dismiss it, finally, he said he thought Biden would “listen to the scientists,” – as if Trump has only ignored them.

But it’s not like Cuomo listened to the scientists either. If he had, do you think he would have sent known positive COVID patients into nursing homes? Then again, based on his lack of acceptance of that catastrophe and others, it’s likely he knew and just didn’t care.

I mean, who says we should wait on a vaccine just because he doesn’t like the current president? That while the vaccine is “good news,” it arrived too early and should be put off another two months, no matter how many people need it right now.

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean said it right, “He is truly the governor of death.”

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