Omar Found to Have Funneled 70% of Campaign Funds to Her Husband’s Company

By now, you’d think I would be used to hearing about the many accusations and allegations of corruption concerning Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. After all, little else is heard about the woman that is not caught up in rumors of wrongdoing.

But, alas, I am shocked nonetheless. Partly because, as a God-fearing patriot, I can’t imagine doing what she has been accused of. And secondly, because I still don’t understand how she is getting away with it.

So what has she done now?

Well, suffice it say that the act itself is nothing new. In fact, this is far from the first time she has been accused of or even investigated for matters of this nature.

Enter the ever-present friend of Rep. Omar: campaign finance violations.

For the second quarter in a row now, the representative has been found to have funneled around 70 percent of all incoming campaign funds into her current husband’s consultation firm, E Street Group.

The political consulting organization has reportedly received $1.1 million from Omar’s campaign between July 23 and September 30. The campaign only earned about $1.6 million in total. Just in case your math skills are a little rusty, that’s 69 percent!

And last quarter’s numbers don’t look a lot different.

If anything, they are higher. Out of the $787,000 the campaign earned in the first three weeks of July, $606,000 went to the hubby’s firm – a whopping 77 percent!

Together, in the last two quarters alone, E Street Group has managed to earn $2.7 million from Omar, according to the Free Beacon.

Quite naturally, Omar claims these funds are for services rendered, you know, the political consultations and whatnot that her husband’s company is known for.

But 70 some percent of all her funding? It seems like an awful lot, right?

It would likely seem like an astronomical amount for any company to receive. But that is only exacerbated by the fact that it was her husband’s company.

The two already have a rather infamous and less than respectable relationship.

If you don’t remember, the two met while both were married to other people. But after a few short months of “business” relations, rumors began that the two were seeing each other in less than professional circumstances. And the amount of money that Omar gave to the firm suggested more than just “political consulting” was going on.

It was found that Omar was using campaign funds to take her now-husband, Tim Mynett, all over the country for “campaign” purposes.

And, of course, once the scandal became a known fact, and both spouses filed for divorce early last year, thousands more were spent by Omar’s campaign to finalize her divorce. The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board investigated her over complaints of this spending.

The former Mrs. Mynett cited her husband’s “devastating and shocking declaration of love” for Omar as the reason. While Omar’s then-husband and father of her children, Ahmed Hirsi, says he found them both lounging around her Washington D.C apartment in pajamas together, which is a rather compromising situation for a married Muslim woman, to say the least.

Naturally, the two claimed no wrongdoing. But then, in a not so shocking turn of events, didn’t wait long after their divorces to get married to each other.

And since then, it has been a love story for the ages – if you can call corruption and finance violation something every love story should include…

On top of the questionable spending of campaign funds to her husband’s company, Omar has also been recently accused of being part of a “ballot-harvesting scheme” by the political watchdog group, Project Veritas.

Through those loyal to her in her district, Omar targeted a great many Somali-born seniors in the Minneapolis area where Omar lives and is supposed to represent. And by target, I mean stealing their absentee ballots and selling them to acquire more Democratic votes for herself. One Omar fan even admitted to the scheme, proudly boasting hundreds of ballots he had procured and made ready for Omar.

And yet somehow, she still thinks she deserves to be a member of our government. At this point, I’d be revoking her citizenship.

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