Parents at posh Manhattan school refuse principal’s apology after students are shown woke video mocking white women

Parents at a posh New York City school have refused to accept the school principal’s apology over what the New York Post describes as a “‘woke’ video flap.”

According to the outlet, children at the school were shown an episode from Showtime’s “Ziwe,” a series that the parents say mocks white women.

The school’s principal issued an apology following the outcry, but parents say that’s not good enough.

Some of the school’s more famous alumni include actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Kerry Washington.

What are the details?

The incident recently took place at the Spence School in Manhattan when an unnamed eighth-grade teacher reportedly showed her class an episode of the series in which comedian Ziwe Fumudoh says, “What percentage of white women do you hate? And there is a right answer.”

In the episode, Fumudoh added that the name “Karen” has become synonymous with “obnoxious, angry and entitled, often racist, white women.”

Following the outcry, Principal Bodie Brizendine issued an apology via letter, writing, “This video is not part of the Spence curriculum. Our teacher and the School acknowledge that sharing a satirical video that made fun of white women was a significant mistake.”

Parents were outraged after the letter, however, and many said that the principal’s letter — and the idea that the school board had not responded to the outcry at the time of reporting — was unacceptable.

What else?

The outlet pointed to a recent parent letter — backed by other students’ families — sent to both the principal and school board.

“While I was upset after hearing what happened at Spence, the email from Bodie that followed really pushed me over the edge,” the parent letter read. “Further, that the board has not weighed in on this matter gives the impression that the board shares the opinion that racism is indeed acceptable as long as it fits within the climate of the times.”

The letter also accused Brizendine of trying to gloss over the issue.

“Choosing to label the video as ‘satirical’ and that it ‘made fun of’ and ‘ridicules’ is a gross understatement,” the letter continued.

The outlet added that another angry parent, Gabriela Baron — also a former trustee — added, “We will have our day. … This is becoming a culture war. I guess that’s what people want, instead of being truthful.”

Baron revealed that she removed her child from the school and branded the “blatantly racist” video, which she said “tarred and feathered” white women.

Now parents say that the school needs to take a “step backward to jump off the bandwagon of this rhetoric” and separate private feelings from well-rounded educations.

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