Pat Gray explains how Joe Biden’s mask mandate defies the laws of stupidity

On Friday’s episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed,” the guys discussed Joe Biden’s speech about a federal mask mandate that defied the laws of stupidity.

Tuesday, Biden claimed that for the next three months, if Americans are mandated to wear a mask outside of the home, 40,000 lives would be saved from COVID-19.

“Wearing a mask is less about you, but more about preventing others from getting sick,” said Biden , the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In this clip, Pat got heated over Biden’s sense of urgency to save 40,000 lives from a “bad flu” and failed to mention saving lives of the hundreds of thousands of babies aborted every three months in America.

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Pat compared Biden’s statement about wearing a mask to save others rather than ourselves to the pro-life argument that a woman’s right to choose is not about her; it is about the baby’s life.

Watch the video below for the full story.

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