Pelosi Stutters When Asked to Denounce Socialism

Nancy Pelosi isn’t making it easy to accept Joe Biden and the possibility of four years of Democrats calling the shots in the White House. There are legitimate concerns that the Biden-Harris administration could make a number of changes that could change the course of the country. Capitalism could be a thing of the past as Democrats discuss the benefits of socialism.

This would be Pelosi’s cue to go ahead and denounce socialism. Only, she is refusing to do so.

The House Speaker has been dealing with a divide splitting the Democratic Party for years now. The wedge responsible for that divide is the left-wing ideology of socialism. As Pelosi works to secure her position of House Speaker for another term, she has refused to denounce socialism.

So, is that what she wants? Is she ready to lead the country down that path with the way in which her party makes decisions?

Pelosi doesn’t want to answer the questions that everyone is asking. Does she oppose the ideology? Will she allow the socialists elected to the Democratic caucus to hold leadership positions inside of the House?

The Dems are going to remain in control of the House. If Pelosi wins the Speaker of the House role yet again, we have to understand how she’s going to handle the differences that are found between moderates and progressives. The rift has only grown more pronounced during the 2020 election.

In 2019, she said on “60 Minutes” that socialism wasn’t the view of her party. But…is it now?

She wants to stay silent, calling it a difference of opinion.

There are more Democratic Socialists within the Democratic Party than ever before. Take a good look at that. These are not Democrats with a lean toward socialism. They’re socialists – and they’re throwing “Democratic” in the front as a way to run on the Democratic Party platform.

Bernie Sanders is the leader of the pack. He’s earned a lot of respect in various socialist groups – and he even thanked the socialist groups for making Biden’s victory happen.

Socialism and democracy are different. Those within the Democratic Party are concerned – particularly the moderates. There have been plenty of conversations behind closed doors about the concern of socialism and the “defund the police” rhetoric being the reason why various House seats were lost to the GOP.

Abigail Spanberger, a House Democrat in Virginia, was caught in a leaked recording talking about the importance of sharing issues about good engagement in communities and funding social services. She also warns that they need to never use the words ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again because they matter, despite the number of people who say they don’t.

So, does the Democratic Party want to be socialist or not? Spanberger says no while AOC has said that there’s no compelling evidence to say that progressivism is bad.

It’s no wonder why Trump has accused Biden of being a Trojan Horse for the socialist agenda. Too many people don’t trust Biden. He swings back and forth on the issues. Is he a moderate or is he a progressive? And, where does Pelosi stand?

We don’t know. That’s the scary thing. We don’t know, and no one wants to answer the questions openly and honestly.

It’s one of the reasons why Trump had so many supporters from Cuban and Venezuelan communities. They know the dangers of socialism. They want to stay as far away from it as possible.

AOC demands to know about the “compelling evidence” to the argument that progressivism is bad. Progress isn’t bad – unless it is progressively moving toward socialism. Is socialism bad? Yes. Why? Just ask anyone from Venezuela or Cuba.

Perhaps if AOC and Pelosi took a little research trip together to Venezuela or Cuba, they could figure out once and for all why we need socialism to be denounced. The moderate Dems may end up heading to the GOP by 2022 if the socialist agenda continues to be pushed by the House.

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