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Police major warns of dire consequences from anti-police narrative, ‘defund the police’ movement

Tulsa Police Maj. Travis Yates is warning of the dire consequences that will result from the “defund the police” movement and the prominent anti-police narrative in the mainstream media.

On Friday, Yates published a viral essay about the current climate surrounding law enforcement. The essay was titled, “America, We Are Leaving.”

“I wouldn’t wish this job on my worst enemy. I would never send anyone I cared about into the hell that this profession has become,” Yates wrote. “I used to talk cops out of leaving the job. Now I’m encouraging them. It’s over, America. You finally did it You aren’t going to have to abolish the police, we won’t be around for it.”

Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson later on Friday, Yates shockingly revealed that police officers nationwide are looking to walk away from their profession.

Yates explained that morale among law enforcement is at its lowest point since the Ferguson riots in 2014 triggered by the shooting death of Michael Brown.

“We were making a resurgence in recent years and [George Floyd’s death and the aftermath] has been devastating,” Yates said.

“This is Ferguson times 1,000. Every department, every officer you talk to is looking to leave,” he explained.

Yates went on to say that the current situation may be “too much” for the law enforcement community to recover from.

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