Pool boy claims Jerry Falwell Jr. shared a pic of ‘a female Liberty University student exposing herself’

The former pool boy and business partner of Jerry Falwell Jr. has lodged further accusations against the former president of Liberty University, accusing Falwell of being “a predator” and sending him a picture of a female student of the evangelical institution “exposing herself.”

What are the details?

In a Reuters report released Monday, Giancarlo Granda, 29, alleged that the affair with Falwell’s wife, Becki, began when he was 20 and a pool attendant, and it lasted for several years. He also claimed that Jerry Falwell Jr. would watch as the two had sex.

The Falwells have both acknowledged that Becki engaged in the affair, but denied Jerry’s involvement and accused Granda of attempting to extort them. Jerry Falwell Jr. confirmed his resignation Tuesday from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

On Tuesday evening, Granda released a statement accusing the Falwells of lying and attempting to “discredit” him, and denied he had any financial benefit for coming forward before making further accusations against Falwell, a well-known Christian leader who co-founded a think tank called the Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

Granda wrote:

The Falwell’s (sic) would have you believe that I seduced Becki into an affair, without Jerry’s knowledge, and then spent the intervening 7 years trying to extort them. Of course, the truth is, they approached me. She invited me to their hotel room. They offered me an equity partnership in a property venture. They brought me on multiple trips and vacations, including to their family farm in Virginia. And as recently as last year, participated in video calls where Mrs. Falwell was naked and Jerry was watching.

The reality is Jerry Falwell is a predator. I know this because he sent me an image of a female Liberty University student exposing herself at their farm. This is not appropriate conduct for someone who up until this week, has been charged with overseeing the well-being of thousands of vulnerable and impressionable students.

What about Falwell’s ‘compensation’?

Ahead of Granda’s statement, Falwell — who was already on an indefinite leave of absence from Liberty University over another scandal — told The Wall Street Journal, “I didn’t break any rules — I get my full compensation.”

The outlet reported that a source familiar with Falwell’s contract estimates the former university president is looking at a golden parachute estimated at around $10.5 million over the next two years.

Falwell, 58, confirmed that amount to The Washington Post, disclosing that he would receive $2.5 million over the next two years, and roughly $8 million in retirement after that.

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