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Portland Democrat Defies all Reasoning and Tells Feds to Leave the City

One by one, Democrats are showing their true colors as they have to deal with the backlash against them from the months of violence that they have let ruin their areas of control. Ted Wheeler, the Portland, Oregon Mayor, has gone off the deep end and started bashing agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Federal agents are now being targeted by irrational Democrats that honestly believe that they are the reasons why violence continues to spread through liberal run cities. They think that law enforcement officers cause crime to happen.

Wheeler spouted off at the mouth and told agents to not go outside anymore or better yet to just leave the city. He is essentially throwing them out of town. Portland is struggling to stop the violence and crime that is erupting in the streets because the cowardly mayor is afraid to stand up to the mobs. He simply will not let the police do their job which is to keep the peace and enforce the laws. Every violent protestor is supposed to be arrested and charged accordingly by law. But Wheeler is content to just let them slide under the radar.

Incompetent Wheeler had the guts enough to tell the Acting Secretary that his problem with crime is not the criminals. It is the presence of federal agents in the city. He wants them out of the way so he can talk his way into the hearts of the violent people. He simply hates the tactics that real officers of the law have to use. He simply stated that “We do not need or want their help.”

The Department of Homeland Security has had to send its agents out into the field to protect government buildings and courthouses because the dense Democrats will not do their job to serve the people. Since May 25 protestors around the nation have destroyed dozens of monuments and have caused millions of dollars in damages to private and public property. Wheeler and his inexperienced group of followers praise people for their violence to the point that they are reluctant to stop anytime soon.

The death and destruction of these people are unjustifiable. To create a burden to innocent people simply because a person disagrees with a course of action taken by the police is just as bad as the actions of the officers that killed George Floyd. The coronavirus and lockdowns have already taken a huge toll on people. Businesses and others do not need more hardship pushed their way.

Chaos is the trademark of the Black Lives Matter mob that spans the country. They are the ones most responsible for the actions of their followers. And all along the way, there has not been one liberal Democrat that has condemned the actions of the perverted. The only time any of them have spoken up is when they were forced to or they were on the receiving end of the violence and looting that marks the BLM.

The protests are so violent that one of the mob members struck a federal officer in the head with a hammer. And Wheeler somehow thinks that it is the fault of the officer that he was stuck in the head by a person that tried to kill him. That belief that it is the cop’s fault why a criminal is in prison is the age-old cry of the people convicted and sent to prison for their crimes. It is never their fault they believe. They think that the other person that they killed made them do it somehow.

The person that tried to kill the federal agent has been arrested and will stand trial for his actions. Wheeler would like all the federal agents to leave Portland and never come back. He has also attacked the Department of Homeland Security for not cleaning off the graffiti from their buildings. The fact is that the agents might have the time if the Portland police were allowed to do their job without interference from the ignorant Democrats.

Wheeler and the other dense Democrats continue to look for ways to defund the police hoping to make the nightly violent parties a permanent part of Portland’s life. He has no clue what it means to serve the people. He is more interested in harming them than protecting the very ones that voted him into office.

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