Prepare for the Debate: Topics Are In

We’re getting close to the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the first of three presidential debates. It’s the chance to watch Biden fall on his face. Maybe we can even get to the bottom of the teleprompter debate.

Chris Wallace of Fox News will be the moderator on September 29. Six topics have been released that will be covered. It’s a chance to see how both Trump and Biden will answer the questions that are plaguing the nation.

Of the topics, it will include the economy, Covid-19, race, and violence in the cities, the Supreme Court, Trump and Biden records, and the integrity of the election.

Typically, there are new topics for each of the debates – though these six are hot topics that will involve a lot of people tuning in to find out what’s being said.

One of the reasons for the topics to be released in advance is to ensure that the candidates have a chance to consider their answers. It will allow for a deep discussion of some of the biggest issues. Each topic will have 15 minutes dedicated to it.

Many Dems are anticipating that Trump will go off-message or lie about some of the facts that are out there.

Meanwhile, most of America will be waiting to see how Biden can do without using a teleprompter. Considering that the campaign manager refuses to say whether he uses one or not, a reporter on RedState was able to catch a reflection in a screenshot that was made when Biden was on “The Late Late Show” with James Corden. The reflection was a teleprompter screen, proving once and for all that Biden is relying on a teleprompter with more and more frequency.

Biden wants to see live fact-checking happen during the debates: “If we really wanted to do something, I think that would make a great, great debate if everything both of us said was instantly fact-checked.”

Are you sure you want to go down that rabbit hole, Biden? It was just this week that Biden said that 200 million Americans have died from Covid-19. Considering that two-thirds of the country has not died from the virus, fact-checking would likely be a lot worse for Biden than it would be for Trump.

This debate is going to be epic – and anyone who has even an inkling of political leaning is going to be tuning in. It will certainly be used as a deciding factor for so many people who are on the fence. Dems who don’t want to be pushed to socialism may only need a nudge to vote for Trump. Similarly, many people who liken themselves to be Republican needs to hear how Trump is going to handle some of the hard-hitting issues in the country before they agree to vote for him.

Whether there is a fact-checker or not, it will be better to watch the debate live. It’s the only way to guarantee that the media isn’t going to twist and turn what is said by both candidates. If Trump lies, we need to hear the words for ourselves. And if Biden is going to mess up, I want to see the disaster in real-time so that the media doesn’t have a chance to distort it in any way.

Bring it on. Now that the topics are in place, it gives candidates about a week to figure out how they’re going to approach each one. There’s not a lot of time to talk about each, considering there are only 15 minutes given to each topic. The good news is that the entire debate will only take 90 minutes – and that will be aired commercial-free.

The debate will air at 9 PM Eastern Time – and for those who want to make sure they don’t miss the others, they’ll be at the same time on October 15 and October 22.

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