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President Trump walks off live media briefing after gun shots ring out near the White House

President Donald Trump walked away from his media briefing as he began a news conference on Monday and reporters indicated that gunshots had been fired outside of the White House.

A man spoke to the president as he was speaking to the media and he calmly walked out of the briefing room, ending his news conference.

Video of the exchange was circulated on social media.

Reporters said that the room went into lockdown mode temporarily.

John Roberts of Fox News said he heard gunshots and saw the Secret Service spring into action moments before the president ended his briefing. The Secret Service indicated someone was struck by the gunshots and that they were rendering aid.

Spectators outside of the White House posted videos of action being taken by law enforcement officials

The president returned to the media briefing after several minutes and indicated that law enforcement had shot someone near the White House. He said that person had been taken to a nearby hospital.

Here’s more about the incident from CBS News:

Trump says Secret Service shot armed suspect outside the White House

[Ed. Note: This story was updated with additional information]

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