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Protest hypocrisy and COVID insanity on full display

Look, the riots we see in the wake of George Floyd’s murder are out of control, and the left-wing condemnation of law enforcement renders police officers ineffective. Progressives forced President Trump’s hand to deploy the National Guard and restore order.

On the one hand, the left demands that lawmakers defund and abolish the police and seem fine with calling in the military as long as local police stay away. But, not even a month ago, the left wanted law enforcement to arrest COVID-19 lockdown protesters for “violating social distancing guidelines.” Democrats can’t make up their minds.

The situation reminds me of 2018, when a migrant caravan marched toward the U.S.-Mexico border, intent to enter America. At the time, since the Immigration and Customs Enforcement refused to act on the matter, Trump merely suggested sending in the National Guard to intercept the caravan, sending Democrats into a frenzy over who could call Trump a racist the quickest. Now, the left prefers the National Guard to the police? Whatever.

Watch Crowder make sense of the senseless.

Steven and the crew talk about the glaring hypocrisy of protesting (like it needs explaining) and updates everyone on Lady Crowder’s hospital situation.

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