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Protesters: Go On, Mayor, March for Your Police Officers

Well, this is awkward. How are you supposed to be a liberal Dem who supports defunding the police and keep your citizens happy at the same time? Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago is being called upon to support the Chicago Police Department.

Dozens have been joining the “Walk to Support CPD” to show that the Chicago Police are still highly praised and supported by the city. With the protests and the increase in violent crime over the summer, residents wanted to show support.

The biggest problem, though, is that the mayor is a bleeding-heart Dem. Lightfoot would rather allow the protests than to stand up against them. She’s all for defunding the police as a way to appease Black Lives Matter and all of the other groups rioting in the streets.

The mayor also knows that she needs to keep residents happy. Otherwise, during the next mayoral election, they’ll boot her liberal butt right out the door.

What to do, what to do. Does she stick with her Democratic buddies and ignore the cries of the city or does she show that she’s an upholding citizen and supports the CPD?

One woman, the sister of an officer who was killed in the line of duty, has been marching to show her support of the Chicago Police Department. Donna Marquez explains that the men and women serve without knowing whether they’re going to make it home each night. She comments, “They don’t even know it. They pray they will. We pray they will.”

Those at Sunday’s rally turned their attention to Mayor Lightfoot. After all, the increase in gun violence has been dramatic over the past six weeks since the death of George Floyd. Dozens of shootings are happening every single weekend and Lightfoot still manages to stay silent.

Even when the Trump administration has offered to send in the Department of Homeland Security to get things under control, Lightfoot turns them down. She has even threatened to sue the federal government if they come into her city. Clearly, she thinks she has everything under control. Meanwhile, there are citizens ready to call her out. She does NOT have everything under control. They’re tired of seeing the death count on the rise. They’re tired of her hiding from what’s really happening.

Lightfoot has shown what side she is on. Lack of support for the CPD would be putting it lightly.

The demonstration on Sunday followed after three Chicago police officers and 21 civilians were shot, all because of one of the “peaceful” rallies that the mayor has allowed in the city.

The mayor cannot even dispute that things are getting worse. Breitbart News reported that Chicago has seen a 139 percent increase in murder in July 2020 compared to the numbers that occurred in 2019.

Way to go, Mayor Lightfoot. The only thing she has said on the matter is that “We can’t let federal officials ‘play police’ in our city.” What would be so bad about that? The police don’t want to be reformed. The citizens don’t want the police to be reformed. The citizens want to stop seeing murders happen all over the city.

So, will we be seeing Mayor Lightfoot joining in the next march to support the CPD? Probably not. Want to know what else we can likely count on not seeing? Mayor Lightfoot being elected for a second term. She’ll be lucky if she can make it through her first four-year term. Considering she’s been in office for barely a year only to watch the city go from bad to worse, the citizens may rise against her.

The real question is, how many murders are too many? When will it be acceptable for the feds to come in and throw Lightfoot out for inaction? Well, let’s wait to see what Governor Pritzker does about the problem, first. Oh, wait. He’s a Dem. We’ll be waiting a while to see Chicago get the real help they need.

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