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Public school board rejects geography textbook as left-wing ‘indoctrination’ due to climate change content

A Pennsylvania public school board rejected a textbook last week, as some members called its instruction on climate change left-wing “indoctrination,” the York Dispatch reported.

What are the details?

The West York Area school board voted 5-4 on May 19 to scrap “Rubenstein: The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography, 13th edition,” the paper said.

Board member Lynn Kohler said the book represented an anti-capitalist extension of the environmental movement, the Dispatch said, and that climate change and globalization are highly political and not universally accepted.

“I believe this falls into the indoctrination category of pushing a particular political belief,” Kohler said at the meeting, the paper reported.

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Kohler added that the text says resources aren’t uniformly distributed across the earth, which makes “it sound like countries like America are bad,” the Dispatch reported.

The book was slated for the district’s advanced placement human geography course, the paper said.

Board member Todd Gettys told the Dispatch that approving the textbook would be an endorsement of its ideas, and he and Kohler agreed the book could be offered for independent study with students buying their own books to remove the taxpayer burden.

Superintendent Todd Davies said that without a text, it’s unlikely the course will run, and students who are signed up for it will be disappointed, the paper said.

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