Republican Commentators Develop a Plan for Citizens to Get Involved in Recount Endeavor

Americans were stunned on Wednesday morning when they woke up to a complete change in direction of the voting in key states in the 2020 presidential election. The shock and horror deepened over the next few days continued a strikingly improbable chain of events was reported by the news media, including overnight discoveries of ballots, software malfunction, and preemptive calls for states that didn’t yet have an accurate number of how many ballots they were even expecting (hello, Georgia).

To a large degree, conservatives felt helpless, not only seeing the Republican candidate and presidential incumbent lose, but watching hopes of any future democratic process for electing officials, slip away with every mistake, misfiled and destroyed ballot, the constitutional republic that we have grown so accustomed to seemed to be boarded up, like the windows of the Pennsylvania vote-counting rooms, possibly never to be seen again.

Sometime shortly before Apple computer devices began calling Joe Biden the president but before the planned mass exodus from Silicon Valley techs like Facebook and Google, sad, frightened, angry and sometimes irate Americans gathered across the nation, attempting to put pressure on states that were continuing a potentially compromised vote-counting system, asking that the local officials stand up for a free election.

According to local news station PennLive Patriot-News, citizens gathered on the state Capitol steps in Harrisburg, organized by activist Scott Presler as part of a non-partisan rally for a fair election.

Presler has been encouraging his more than 800k followers on Twitter to support #auditthevote after reports of widespread cheating gained credence. However, the grassroots campaigner also had a plan for what the rest of the concerned Americans can do to support a fair election.

According to Presler, one highly effective move will be for voters to call their elected officials in the Senate and House of Representatives to demand that there be an oversight that ensures the votes counted were fairly cast.

“This is not a rally supporting a particular candidate,” Presler said of the PA gathering. “This is a rally fighting for two things: truth and justice.” He said in an interview that he planned to raise funds for an audit of the state’s vote count.

Other states, such as Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina have all been part of the tug-of-war that ends in one man winning the Oval Office and the other packing up and heading home.

According to Presler, however, Americans shouldn’t “stop fighting until every legal vote is counted & audited.”

Overall, conservatives have shown growing frustration that the election could be stolen away from them. The attitude that has been increasing among the left that whatever they need to do to get their candidates into office will be fine, because the ends justify the means, has stirred unrest and mistrust of a group that has only confirmed growing suspicion.

According to Reuters, protests have been sparked across the nation, including Las Vegas that saw some 400 protesters, Washington D.C. where protesters were seen in cars and on bicycles as well as Milwaukee, where “about 50 Trump supporters gathered in front of a city building where votes were being counted, blasting country music, waving flags and carrying signs reading ‘Recount’ and ‘Rigged.’”

However, there was also a counter-protest who arrived about an hour later shouting “Black lives matter” and “say their names,” in reference to those killed at the hands of police, and others threw eggs at the Trump supporters from a passing car, in fine form for the party that touts tolerance and peace.

“My country’s future is what brings me out here tonight,” said Mitchell Landgraf, a 21-year-old construction worker who cast his first vote in a presidential election for Trump. “I’m afraid if it goes one way that this country will go downhill fast.”

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