Rioters tried to break down the door to a police association in Portland in broad daylight

More protest violence was reported in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday when rioters attempted to break down the door to a police association in broad daylight.

Portland police tweeted about the incident from their social media account.

“A protest has developed near North Lombard Street and North Campbell Avenue, where participants have tried to break down the door the Portland Police Association,” they tweeted.

“To those participating in the protest, this direction is being given over loudspeaker: stay on the sidewalk, do not try to break into the building or violate any other laws. If you do you’re subject to arrest and/or use of force including less lethal weapons,” they said in a second tweet.

Hours later, the police tweeted that the rioters had dispersed, but had vandalized the building.

“[N]o arrests were made, no force was used, and no one was injured,” they added. “About 15 officers, 3 sergeants, and 1 lieutenant were pulled from patrol duties to respond to the event.”

An account of an independent journalist posted a photograph of a large “Black Lives Matter” banner being held in front of the building during the protest.

They also played loud music from a speaker to disrupt a meeting inside the building, and tried to bar the door from the outside.

Portland has seen many incidents of destructive protests and rioting from people supporting the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements. They have caused millions of dollars in damage, according to local news media.

This is hardly the first time the Portland Police Association has been targeted by anti-police rioters. In July rioters attacked the association, broke the windows, vandalized the building and started a small fire inside.

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