Russian Smear Campaign? Oh, Please! You Have to Do Better, Joe!

Are the Dems ever going to take credit for their ineptitude? Unlikely. They’d rather blame anything that paints them in a bad light on Russia. Only, it’s hard to believe that Russia would choose to support Trump over Biden in the elections – especially when Putin himself has said that the Democratic Party is leaning more toward socialism and communism than ever before.

A few basic facts need to be established. Hunter Biden has done plenty of back-door deals that have been made possible because dear-old-daddy was the VP of the United States. Hunter Biden also has a history of drugs and has spiraled out of control on more than one occasion.

These aren’t smears against Joe Biden. They are facts. And there are plenty of reports to support them.

Now, let’s talk about the laptop that was discovered. It belonged to Hunter Biden and it had an email from a Ukrainian official thanking him for the introduction to Joe Biden. This was discovered by the computer company and turned over to the FBI.

The New York Post reported on it – though you’d never know because Facebook and Twitter have been doing their best to hide the story entirely.

When asked about this “email leak,” Joe Biden wants to wave it off and call it not only a smear campaign but part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Again, Russia has no benefit to get involved. If anything, they’d want to work with a US president that is closer to their own political system – and that would be Joe Biden, not Donald Trump.

The whole Russian disinformation campaign was the Dems’ excuse for not winning in 2016. However, it’s already proven to be a hoax. Yet, it seems that they want to use it again this year. How convenient.

According to Biden, “it’s a smear campaign because he has nothing he wants to talk about.”

That’s not it at all, though. Donald Trump is many things – but he’s never at a loss for words. The man has spent his entire career commanding boardrooms and turning people into entrepreneurs. He has plenty that he wants to talk about.

It’s too convenient for Biden to call it a smear campaign and move on. Absolutely not. Hunter Biden has been involved in all sorts of interesting business deals overseas, including Ukraine and China. The American public deserves to know what those deals are and how Joe Biden has been involved with them.

Joe Biden isn’t allowed to dismiss these inquiries. Questions about Trump have followed him and he’s answered for them. Now, it’s time for Biden to start talking, especially since there’s a Senate GOP report about Hunter Biden that raises a long list of questions.

Joe Biden has tried to claim that he doesn’t know anything about Hunter’s foreign deals and that they don’t talk about business. What kind of father doesn’t talk to his son about business? Meanwhile, the email discovered on Hunter’s laptop says otherwise.

The reality is that of course, Joe Biden knows about his son’s business deals. How did Hunter get involved in these deals in the first place? He used daddy’s name and offered to introduce them to daddy. Why else would he get paid $50,000 a month to sit on a board for a Ukrainian energy company without knowing the language or anything about the energy sector? That’s definitely daddy’s influence.

But, it’s easier for Biden not to answer. How is he supposed to explain any of it in a way that the American people would be happy with? So, instead, he says that Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC mayor and personal attorney for Trump is being duped by the Russians. Giuliani isn’t the kind of guy who can be easily duped. It’s more like Biden has been duped by his son to think that he’s the sweet and innocent boy that he raised.

Biden’s hiding a lot of shady business and he can only hide behind the excuse of a Russian smear campaign temporarily.

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