Say What! Nancy Pelosi Goes Off on Wolf Blitzer When He Backs Her in a Corner

Pelosi made an appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s show recently and we got a great laugh out of it. She was clearly ticked off by the line of questioning that she was subjected to. Now, we are learning more about the appearance and what had her so upset. The Democrats have been staging a PR stunt for months, in hopes of pinning the economic downturn on President Trump.

The numbers that are being provided do not tell the same story. At the moment, it appears that the Democrats are not playing the game properly. They are clearly dragging their feet on the stimulus payments because they want the economic issues to be blamed on the Republicans. Independents are not going to be swayed by this logic.

Their plan has a major flaw that they are not considering. Pelosi is trapped in a prison of her own making. On one hand, Trump is desperate to make a deal. He wants to push a stimulus through, in hopes of bolstering his approval rating before the election arrives. At this point, he is even doing his best to bid her up. That’s how badly he wants to push this thing through.

The Democrats’ strategy of refusing to come to an agreement and then blaming the GOP for it is filled with holes. Trump has a much larger media megaphone than they do. If he is given the chance to blame this impasse on them instead (and you know he will), this could backfire on them terribly. The average voter is also not going to be impressed.

They do not know the ins and outs of these talks and they are not going to be compelled to learn about them. The working-class American sees Trump tweeting about “going big” and they get excited. Everyone has bills to pay and those who don’t are surely looking to replenish their savings accounts. Pelosi can offer counters but since they are not putting any money in anyone’s pockets, there is no need.

She’ll do her usual routine. The Senate Republicans are going to be blamed for what is taking place. The voters are not going to be swayed by this because the GOP leader is telling anyone who will listen that he wants a deal done now. The left is also putting the pressure on Pelosi. They want her to sit down and make a deal with Trump now. Otherwise, they are taking a major political risk.

Sure, they may believe that Biden is about to come into office and make life easier for them. They believe that they do not have to kowtow to Trump’s demands since he is only looking to help his chances. Let’s be more logical here. For instance, let’s say that we believe that Biden is actually going to win. It’s a leap, for sure, but stay with us here.

In essence, the Democrats are telling people to hold on until January. How is that possibly tenable for anyone who is not already rich? Pelosi might not be able to relate to these types of concerns because she is too busy eating expensive ice creams but this is the reality that most Americans are facing. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner but no one seems to want to provide a straight answer about when the stimulus is going to touch down.

This is obviously not ideal for anyone who is not looking to wait around for this long. The Democrats need to start paying attention. There is no shortage of liberal publications that are looking to push them towards a deal. The idea that all of the leftists are sitting around, happy about this impasse is a misnomer. They are tired of Pelosi and the like. Don’t tell the Democrats that, though. They are the ones who are sure that they are holding all of the cards at the moment.

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