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Seattle’s Silent Majority Finds Their Voice to Back the Blue

Seattle’s been run by the bullies for far too long. The protesters have prided themselves on saying that they speak for the citizens. They didn’t want to believe that the ‘Silent Majority’ even existed. They’re controlling the city and, therefore, they call the shots.

Oh, well, it looks like they have some competition. The Silent Majority has not only found their voice but has put it to good use. Thousands in Seattle have decided they can no longer stay silent. They have come out in droves to back the police.

Antifa thought they were making progress. Although the progressive city council wants to cut the SPD’s budget and even slash the salary of Carmen Best, there’s another request being made – and it’s louder than ever.

“Defend SPD” and “Vote no!” were heard loud and clear all throughout Seattle as supporters came out to send a message to the Seattle City Council prior to the vote.

If the city council thinks that defunding the Seattle Police Department is what the residents want, they need to open their windows and hear the pleas. There were more people in the streets of Seattle pleading to defend than there has even been to defund. The demands were echoing throughout the streets.

The council will be voting to make it happen – and they are committed to cutting by 50%. What will they do now that they’re facing so much public backlash? Surely, they’ll have to prioritize and figure out whether they’re going to move forward with their liberal, progressive plans or if they’ll give the folks of Seattle what they really want.

The protesters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter came out to try to be the “voice of reason” against the Silent Majority who are silent no more. Of course, the protesters don’t know how to do anything in a subtle or socially acceptable way. They used vile language to drown out the supporters.

Antifa showed up long enough to assault a woman, helping the supporters’ cause of identifying why even more police are needed.

The bullies of Seattle are realizing something. There’s not enough of them to be heard any longer. They can’t bully their way through the city and say that they speak on behalf of everyone. It’s becoming obvious that only a handful of people really want to see the city torn apart and rebuilt.

It turns out that the average citizen isn’t a progressive liberal. The average citizen wants to see the police department fully funded. And, the average citizen doesn’t want to see violence everywhere they go throughout the city.

Huh. But that’s not what CHOP told everyone a month ago? When they took over the city, they were the ones in charge. They were demanding changes because they wanted to help everyone get what they wanted. Only, they were lying. They were deceiving. They wanted what they wanted – anarchy and a dictatorship.

The protesting goons may have shown up to burn and stop on an American flag while the Silent Majority let the city know that they’ve found their voice. However, they didn’t have as many goons as they wanted. Their foul language and their inappropriate displays weren’t as loud as the supporters. They were outnumbered. And, they were under the watchful eye of the SPD.

It turns out that the SPD can actually do their job when they know that they are wanted.

Seattle may start to turn around yet. What the residents did realize is that they don’t want Antifa or BLM to speak for them. They’re not interested in this “progressive” leftism that is being pushed at them. They like democracy. They like the police. And they like the feeling of safety within their cities. It seems as though they found their voice just in time before the city of Seattle was lost to the bad guys forever.

Can the Silent Majority across the rest of the country find their voices, too?

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