Sen. Ted Cruz Points out the One Huge Thing Dems Avoided Talking About During Supreme Court Nominee Hearing

Texas Senator Ted Cruz didn’t pull any punches when criticizing what the Democratic senators on the judiciary committee spoke on (or rather didn’t speak on) during the opening day of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“At the very beginning let me observe, as Sherlock Holmes famously observed, that what speaks the loudest is the dog that didn’t bark. Which is today of every Democrat who’s spoken we’ve heard virtually not a single word about judge Barrett,” Cruz said, addressing his counterparts in the Democratic party according to Newsbusters. We’ve heard a lot of attacks at President Trump. We understand our Democratic colleagues are not supporters of the president,” he said in his opening speech at the hearing.

“We have heard a lot of political rhetoric. We just heard the senator from Rhode Island directing some attacks at Senator Cornyn from Texas, and I understand there is an election in a few weeks, so those political attacks are not surprising, but we’ve heard very little about the nominee who is here and whose confirmation we’re considering,” Cruz said.

Cruz made the point that the senators could be feeling the heat of the impeccable work history of Barrett and the unassailable career she has made for herself.

Barrett graduated number one in her class at Notre Dame Law School, something Cruz pointed out is “likely not a single member of this committee” can match.

“Perhaps my colleague Mike Lee can disagree with that statement but it is a very impressive accomplishment.”

Cruz went on to point out that Barrett then clerked for former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, someone he called “One of the greatest justices ever to serve on the Supreme Court.”

“We heard celebration from Senator Leahy about the fact that he was confirmed 98-0,” Cruz said in reference to Scalia.

The Texas senator then noted that Barrett went on to become a professor at Notre Dame for more than two decades and that she was very well-loved by her students. Cruz called her a “serious, careful scholar” and “one of the most respected federal court of appeals judges in the country.”

“None of the discussions from our Democratic colleagues addressed any of that because … those credentials are on their face impeccable. Indeed, the American Bar Association, which typically leans hard left and has a long pattern of favoring Democratic nominees over nominees appointed by Republican presidents, had no choice but to conclude that she was well qualified as a majority of the board did,” Cruz said.

“Judge Barrett’s qualifications are remarkable, and I believe she will serve as an excellent Supreme Court justice,” Cruz said. “So what is it our Democratic friends have focused on? One thing they’ve focused on is history, and they claim the fact that this nomination is occurring at all is illegitimate. Doesn’t matter who Judge Barrett is, doesn’t matter what she’s done, doesn’t matter her record or her extraordinary family story of doing all of this while being a mom to seven kids, the timing of the nomination our Democratic friends tell us makes it illegitimate,” he said.

The senator also went out of his way to note that it’s not the job of the Supreme Court to make policies, only to interoperate the law.

“Much of the argument this morning has concerned Obamacare and policy arguments, policy arguments that are occurring in the Senate, which is the right place for them to occur, a legislative body, but our Democratic colleagues simply want a promise from a judicial nominee that this nominee will work to implement their policy vision of healthcare,” he said.

“That is not a judge’s job. That is not the responsibility of a judge. In fact, making that promise would be violating the judicial oath,” Cruz added.

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