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Shocker: Democrats Lose Major NAPO Endorsement to Trump

President Trump continues to make all of the right moves to set the Democrats back years in their quest for control of the White House. Terrorist liberals seek to defund the police around the country. They have sided with groups determined to remove law enforcement by stripping them of the money needed to keep the streets of America safe.

They praise the Black Lives Matter mafia as they parade around tearing down monuments and hurting people in the process. The cries of the public for the liberal leaders to act fall on deaf ears as more people lose it all at the hands of the terrorists.

But President Trump has not turned his back on the people. He called the family of the slain 19-year-old boy when Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan refused to talk to them. He sends out the National Guard to protect people and to help get supplies to them when the Democrats refuse to lift one figure to help. And he certainly supports all the military and law enforcement officers serving to keep American safe and a great place to live and work.

Wednesday marked the demise of the Democratic Party in Washington as the National Association of Police Organizations decided to fully endorse the president for the coming 2020 election. There is not one cop in America that is going to vote for the liberals in November. The sheer number of votes that the NAPO guarantees sends a clear message to President Trump haters that their time in Washington is coming to an end.

The NAPO has had a track record of backing liberal candidates. They back Joe Biden in 2008 and 2012, but this time they refuse to side with a man that has vocally and physically turned his back on the police forces of the United States of America. In a virtual meeting, the members voted overwhelmingly to endorse President Trump in 2020. This is a major blow to the pride and arrogance of the Democrats. They are losing votes by the millions by their insistence on backing and supporting crime in cities around the country.

The president of the NAPO is Mick McHale. He stated that “And President Trump earned that endorsement with a greater margin of the two-thirds that participated in today’s meeting. So, it’s with great pride that I announce on behalf of our National Association of Police Organizations, our endorsement of President Donald J. Trump.”

They are now members of the President’s club of the hated by the self-proclaimed elite of liberals that want to overthrow America.

This endorsement is just the start of a major landslide win for the president. The NAPO is the heart of over 1,000 police associations and 241,000 cops. Bernie Kerik is a former NYPD Commissioner and he noted that “You have to realize, [there are] 800,000 to 900,000 local, state and federal police officers, law enforcement officers in this country. And, if they’re watching the news, if they’re watching what’s going on a daily basis around the country — whether it’s Atlanta, New York City, Baltimore, Portland, or Seattle — the Democrats are completely anti-police, anti-law enforcement.”

These words are coming from a group of people that once voted for Joe Biden. But they can no longer go along with the hatred and neglect that he and his fellow leaders have given to the police.

Kerik rightly calls the president “a super pro-law and order president.” The rule of law and order is a mark of the American legal system. It makes freedom possible along with the selfless service of men and women that serve as police officers around the country. Kerik mentioned that “Listen, the president’s going to do everything in his power, and I think a lot of this is going to have to do with putting the ATF, the FBI, the DEA and the Marshal Service in these communities start taking out the gangs, start taking out the guns, and cleaning up the communities so that people can live there safely — which is what the Democrats are not doing.”

It is just a matter of time before the president wins against the people that are terrorizing Americans.

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