Shocking Poll: Only 36% Approve of Biden 41 Days out from Election

Biden Poll

A Wednesday Grinnell College National Poll showed that just 36 percent of voters favored President Joe Biden 41-days before the midterm elections.

Biden’s approval rating has been steadily declining, meaning that the Democrats may suffer huge losses in November. Fivety-one percent disapprove the president, which is a 15 point deficit.

An indicator of the voter’s mood in the midterm elections is the president’s approval rating. According to polling, the midterm election is likely to be a referendum about Biden’s ineffective management.

Gallup polls found that only 21 percent Americans are satisfied about the direction taken by Biden’s America. Sixty-seven per cent believe that it is Biden’s fault that the United States is heading in the wrong direction. Worse, only 35% of Democrats and Democrat leaning independents support Biden for the nomination in 2024.

Americans are dissatisfied with Biden and his leadership, while Biden’s slowing economy is their number one concern. Only 35% of Americans don’t believe that the economy is in recession. 20% of the 35 percent believe the economy is in trouble. Only 15% say the economy is improving.

Overall, just 20 percent believe Biden’s economy is very good to fairly good, while 77 percent said it was very bad to fairly bad. Among independents, 51 percent say Biden’s economy is very bad, while two percent of independents said it is very good.

With the midterms six weeks away, Biden and the Democrats will have a tough time overcoming the negative data points. Republicans are expected to retake the House, but the Senate is a tossup. Yet even establishment Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has become more optimistic about the GOP’s chances of retaking the deliberative body with many conservative candidates.

Senate races in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Nevada have narrowed within the margin of error. In Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida, Republican candidates still hold leads. New Hampshire appears to be the only swing state where Democrats have the largest advantage over Republicans.

The Grinnell College National Poll sampled voters from September 20-25. The margin of error was not provided.

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