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South Carolina mayor pro tem resigns after public outrage over Facebook post comparing BLM to confederate flag

A councilman in Mauldin, South Carolina, resigned as mayor pro tem after public outrage over his Facebook posts comparing the confederate flag to minority activist groups, including Black Lives Matter.

The Mauldin City Council passed a motion admonishing Dale Black and accepting his resignation on Monday.

“Our minority community is hurting and our trust in each other is damaged,” said Mauldin Mayor Terry Merritt, according to WHNS-TV.

“Councilman Black’s over 23 years of public service for this city has been tarnished by his lack of sensitivity in sharing racially-insensitive posts on his personal Facebook account,” he added.

Black posted memes on his personal account that many called racist and insensitive. They were circulated on social media by angry activists:

imageImage Source: Twitter screenshot

Another meme read, “Time to take down the pyramids! Pretty sure they were built on slavery!” Another read, “7 funerals, a golden casket, and broadcast on every major network for a man who was a violent felon and career criminal? Soldiers die and the family gets a flag,” apparently in reference to the death of George Floyd.

Black met with local leaders who were calling for his resignation and he apologized, but they were not appeased by the offering.

Protesters marched and held a rally at city hall to demand Black’s resignation.

“Recently, I received a Facebook message concerning the controversy involving historic monuments which I re-posted on my Facebook account. I regret this and now understand why that was offensive. As a public leader, I pledge that this will never happen again,” read a statement from Black.

Here’s a local news report about the controversy:

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