Spain’s postal service launches anti-racism campaign that gives darker stamps less value than lighter stamps

Spain’s postal service is being accused of being really racist after they launched an ill-fated campaign to combat racism by issuing stamps with different values according to their color.

“The darker the stamp, the less value it will have,” said Correos, the state-owned postal company, about the campaign.

“Therefore, when making a shipment, it will be necessary to use more black stamps than white ones,” they explained. “That way, each letter and each shipment will become a reflection of the inequality created by racism.”

A video from Correos about the “Equality Stamps” campaign explicitly ties their effort to the anti-racism protests around the world. The stamps will be released on the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, and as a part of European Diversity Month.

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“A collection of stamps demanding that color should not determine the value we place on a person’s life,” said campaign spokesperson El Chojin, a Spanish activist and rapper.

Many are calling the anti-racist campaign very racist.

Antumi Toasije, a historian and activist, said they should end the campaign altogether.

“A campaign that infuriates those it is trying to defend is always a mistake,” tweeted Toasije in Spanish.

“When it comes to the fight against racism, irony, double meanings and ‘This needs to be talked about even if it’s wrong’ don’t help. We can all make mistakes, but it’s time to fix this one,” he added.

“At the end of the day, an anti-racism campaign has put out a clearly racist message,” lamented Spanish author Moha Gerehou.

Correos Espana told The Guardian it would not be commenting about the uproar over their anti-racism campaign.

Here’s the video for the racist anti-racist campaign:

#EqualityStamps: The stamp collection that reflects the unjust reality of racism | Correos

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