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Specialists no Longer Expect Seasonal Coronavirus : Pandemic More Like ‘Forest Fire Looking for Human Wood to Burn’

The Liberal Democrats have pushed COVID-19 on so many people for so long that no one can believe much about what is being said right now. There have been “experts” that have claimed that the virus would be seasonal and would be like flu. Others have thought that it would have been gone by now. But now they are claiming that the virus is simply going to move through the world as a large wave and then disappear as quickly as it came about.

The reasoning behind this thought is that it is just not like other viruses that inflict terror on people around the world. Many scientists still believe that the virus did not come from a monkey. But that it was created in a lab and then unleashed on the world. This is why a vaccine would work because it would not have the ability to mutate as other viruses can.

But experts are no longer trusted experts because their statements months ago have all proven false. The thought that it is going to be back as a second wave has never happened because the first wave is still spiraling around the world as it overtakes every last human. Michael Osterholm is an epidemiologist that has said “There’s no evidence there’s going to be a decrease in cases, a trough. It’s just going to keep burning hot, kind of like a forest fire looking for human wood to burn.”

To him, the decrease will happen as the virus infects and is beaten by every last human alive. This is great news for people. this means that once it runs its course, it will then be gone. It is a slow-moving virus that will eventually work its way into extinction.

The spikes that people are seeing are happening because it moves quickly when people are together. But when it is done with that area, there will be no more infections unless more people that have not been infected go through the area. This is terrible news for Democrats that need it to stay around long enough for them to develop political agendas based on the movements of the virus.

Whatever the path the virus takes is totally up to itself. Experts have been wrong about a lot of what the virus is doing because China refuses to release the information that it has about its development and weaknesses. This has led to a lot of guessing and bad decision making on the part of many liberal leaders.

The reports that these people are putting out about the virus are strengthening the position of President Trump and the actions that he is taking to combat the virus. Knowing that the virus is going to be gone after it moves through, he is inclined to push for a reopening of all businesses in the country. So far he has done everything right and continues to make the Democrats look bad regarding the facts about the virus.

Osterholm also mentioned that “In April, we were still looking at whether this was a pandemic where we’d see true waves — where you see big increase in cases and then a trough and then a second, bigger wave for reasons completely beyond human behavior— which has historically happened with other influenza pandemics.” But this is not the case with COVID-19. It moves on and it is not seen again.

There is a big difference between coronavirus and other viruses. COVID-19 is spreading through all temperature zones unphased. The flu virus cannot thrive in hot climates, so it is considered seasonal. But the coronavirus has a stronger armor that keeps it moving from host to host. This makes many believe that it was engineered and not transmitted from an animal.

Rachel Baker, who is a researcher at Princeton’s Environmental Institute, backs up the president’s assertions and other researchers when she states “We’re at the start of the pandemic, when a new virus is emerging into a population that hasn’t had it before. So a lack of population immunity becomes a key driver of spread, and climate doesn’t really matter very much at first.”  Once again the president is found to be correct concerning the virus. The pandemic also continues to make the Democrats look like ignorant nobodies as they try and push fiction as fact.

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