Stay out of NYC or Risk Being Murdered…De Blasio Has Lost Total Control…These Numbers Will Blow Your Mind

Bill de Blasio has served the citizens of NYC since 2014. He is the 109th mayor to lord over the massively populated city of immense diversity. With six years into a role he’s never been qualified to hold, the proof of his failures is evidenced by the city’s skyrocketing crime rate.

Here is a look at just one night of illicit activity that took place under de Blasio’s command. At least six people in Brooklyn were shot. A man in Harlem was robbed at gunpoint before being murdered point-blank for kicks. A commuter was violently shoved onto the subway tracks for absolutely no reason, making this the third occurrence of this nature in only one week’s time.

The 29-year-old commuter and his girlfriend were traveling on the subway at about 11:30 am. They were startled when a man who had been nodding off on the seat across from them suddenly sprung to life and began screaming obscenities at them.

You can imagine their relief when the train pulled up to their stop at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. The couple exited stage left as quickly as they could, but for whatever reason, they knew the madman wasn’t quite done with them as he exited directly behind them.

The lunatic then lunged at the innocent and perplexed guy as his girlfriend looked on in horror, pushing his victim over the landing’s edge and onto the track as another train was rapidly approaching. Fortunately, he was able to scramble to safety before being flattened.

A second unprovoked subway attack only two days prior came within a hair of killing 40-year-old Liliana Sagbaicela in Manhattan. She was shoved by a homeless mentally-ill man simply for being where she was. It could have been anyone. Her only saving grace had been falling into a small gap between the train’s wheels and the landing station.

At 3:45 pm, in broad daylight, surveillance cameras recorded 24-year-old Christopher Caraballo as he arrived at the Wagner Houses project. Caraballo had been casually strolling down East 125th Street, completely unaware of how he had just passed a man walking the opposite direction who would only several minutes later murder him in cold blood.

Caraballo, paying no attention, failed to notice the man had switched course and had followed him into the city housing project. As Caraballo attempted to enter his building’s front doorway, the man, wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap, approached him where the two were seen exchanging words on the captured video footage.

The stranger then produced a gun and demanded that Caraballo remove the gold chain from around his neck. He complied with the man’s request by tossing the chain to his assailant, but this was not to be enough. Caraballo’s cold-blooded-killer planted a bullet straight into his chest before fleeing the scene. The victim is then seen lying in a pool of his own blood as he frantically attempted to reach for his phone. He died later that same day in a nearby hospital.

In the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, a widespread Wyatt Earp type gun battle broke out in the streets at around 11:20 pm leaving at least six people injured, and probably more. The reason for the dispute is unknown, but in de Blasio’s NYC reasons have never been a requirement.

All of the above happened in a single day, and without a doubt, they only scratch the surface. As of November 15th of 2020, 1,667 shootings have been reported to NYC’s finest, meaning unreported shootings are without question, staggering.

This NYPD data also reflects a whopping 37% increase in the number of murders when compared to the 2019 statistics of the same date. This increase, hold on to your beer, brings the total number of murders committed within the city limits to 9,405, and they ain’t done yet.

At this point, one is forced to ponder the question, since de Blasio has reigned over the city for six years and doesn’t look like he’s relocating any time soon, who in God’s tarnation keeps voting for this do-nothing inbred quack?

We think we might know. NYC has become a shining beacon of hope for bums, crooks, criminals of every sort, murderers, drug addicts, and last but by nowhere least, the homeless. Being in a city run by a Democratic Liberal mayor who’s all about defunding the police is Nirvana for these hopeless derelicts. Fewer cops? Hell yeah!

And since an overwhelming number of these thugs can legally vote… herein lies the answer. Stay away from NYC at all costs.

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