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Steven Crowder and Michael Knowles: protests, rioters, and Trump

As Antifa and Black Lives Matter “peacefully” burn U.S. cities, Steven Crowder and Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire countered the insanity with truth. Both Anfifa and Black Lives Matter hide behind “justice for George Floyd,” but is justice what they want?

Michael Knowles articulated the irony of calls to abolish the police. Antifa, comprised mostly of white liberals, may say they demand justice. But once they claim territory and remove law enforcement, they implement their own version of law enforcement.

“It’s not that they want to get rid of government and police. They just want to get rid of your government and police,” Knowles asserted.

Later, Crowder and Knowles assessed what President Trump must do and how he must respond to the arsonists to win the 2020 election — restore order!

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