The Gloves Come Off: AOC Will Fight the Moderates

There’s no way that Biden can bring unity when the Democratic Party is ripping itself apart before our very eyes. Pelosi has been trying to mend the tear within the House Dems for quite some time now. However, it’s not an easy one to mend. It comes down to the battle for America: socialism versus democracy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has not been quiet about which side she sits on. She’s identified herself as a Democratic Socialist just as Bernie Sanders has. She’s been vocal about her concerns of Biden as president, too, since he’s a moderate.

When Pelosi is pushed about the socialist agenda that sits within the House, she refuses to answer. She hasn’t denounced socialism and she comments that there’s simply a “difference of opinion.”

Oh, really?

It appears that AOC is ready to take the gloves off and fight the moderates who have anything bad to say about socialist agendas.

Senator Joe Manchin is a Democrat in West Virginia. He has vowed that he’ll block any “crazy socialist agenda” that shows up on Capitol Hill. That’s when you could see Representative Ocasio-Cortez shoot off a death glare in his direction.

Manchin is a Democrat, but he’s also a moderate one. Although the House may have the majority, they have a large number of moderate ones who aren’t going to go along with the socialist agendas that people like AOC want to push. When he told Fox News that he would “commit” to voting against packing the Supreme Court and ending the filibuster, AOC likely started breathing into a paper bag to stop from hyperventilating.

There’s a reason the House and Senate are built the way they are. Manchin explains that it’s designed so that the two sides can work in a bipartisan way. But that’s not the way that Pelosi, AOC, and others want it. They feel that if they have the majority, they’ll get the votes no matter what. Manchin has now voiced that he isn’t going to play that way. He will “not be the 50th Democrat” to vote in the way that the group wants.

Manchin also tweeted about his opinions on the progressive ideas to defund the police. He talks about being a proud Democrat from West Virginia and how they’re the party of the working class of America. He comments, “We do not have some crazy socialist agenda, and we do not believe in defunding the police.”

AOC decided to retweet a photo that was taken where she’s giving him the death stare during a State of the Union address. The photo was not labeled with any kind of comment. Was that to say that she doesn’t like him? That he has just started a war with her? It was an odd way to reply, but it doesn’t matter.

AOC is powerless with all that the Senate does. She’s in the House. And, just like Pelosi has learned, she doesn’t get a saw in what the Senate does, only the House.

It comes down to knowing what is and is not good for the country. It comes down to listening to what the people want. Manchin is listening while AOC is simply moving toward a utopia that she read about without realizing that it’s not the path that the US wants nor needs.

Biden needs to be cautious about who he adds to the cabinet because a war is brewing. The loud left wants to make demands of their dream cabinet. Meanwhile, moderates want to focus on what’s right for the country. Progressives like Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders, and Sally Yates need not apply.

AOC is trying to say that there will be a war if progressives don’t get their way. Manchin, on the other hand, will hold the values of America true – even if it means fighting back.

Thank goodness AOC has posted her warning glare as a response to dealing with socialist agendas. We should all be terrified of her open threat at this point.

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