The Guy With The Decades-Long Record Of Dishonesty

The Atlantic has recently raised an interesting question: has Joe Biden benched his top advisor and former chief of staff Ron Klain? Klain’s main integration into Biden’s public campaign strategy has been to rip off the Trump Administration’s initial response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ron Klain appeared as Biden’s first guest on the campaign’s podcast March 29th. We haven’t seen anything official from Klain since that podcast appearance and the Biden campaign has declined to comment when asked on explaining why. 

We saw the numerous comments Klain made in January and February that are at odds with the myth of Joe Biden the coronavirus pandemic predictor as well as the myth that President Trump did nothing to combat the virus. He also had a recent retweet of someone ripping Tara Reade as a “liar” too.

Klain is constantly in Biden’s ear which means that a lot of the public comments is likely what Biden was hearing privately. He has tweeted that the coronavirus evidence proves the pandemic is not that serious, that the trump Administration is doing nothing, that banning Chinese travelers from arriving in the U.S is premature, that China has been nothing but transparent, that we have a fear epidemic and not a COVID-19 epidemic, and so forth. 

The advisors of Biden’s Public Health Advisory Committee is just as unhelpful as Biden’s current spin. His hand-picked experts have downplayed the threat of the coronavirus, compared to the flu, and have said it will go away with warm weather. They opposed President Trump’s travel restrictions on China and Europe as well. 

There was no evidence Biden thought his advisors were wrong, explaining why he continued to hold campaign rallies well into March. Though, nowadays, Biden opposes reopening America and advises governors to listen to Dr. Fauci, claiming that President Trump hasn’t provided the materials for states to begin reopening safely.

According, even to Democrat governors, they are getting all of the supplies they need. Several areas of New York already have sufficient testing capacity to begin reopening. Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont has explained his confidence in opening his state in the next week or so, being that they have doubled the amount of testing in the last week. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who thanked the Trump Administration for helping their state double testing capacity, have also announced the reopening of their state. Same with Michigan.

“We lead quantitatively. We lead in the diversity of testing and no one beats America when it comes to quality.” HHS Assistant Secretary Admiral Brett Girgoir explained.

Biden likes to pretend that he sounded the COVID-19 alarm when he’s really just stacking up more lies in his decades-long record of dishonesty. Sleepy Joe would rather scare Americans, spread Chinese government propaganda, and ignore the Trump Administration’s phenomenal accomplishments and nonstop efforts to get states the supplies they need to safely reopen America.

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