This Is Crazy! Leading Biden Surrogate Calls for Armed Violence if Biden Looses – On Camera!

Lisa Fithian is an antigovernment operative who has been responsible for the organization of various chaos operations over the past few decades. The radical revolutionary clearly does not love her country. Why doesn’t she leave then? That’s the question that the radicals never have the courage to answer. They hate America and yet, they refuse to take off.

The readers who are old enough to recall the demonstrations that were responsible for the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle, Washington remembers her name. Fithian is not just a revolutionary, she is an anti-capitalist. When the Occupy Wall Street movement took place, who do you think was leading the charge?

Lisa Fithian, that’s who. While the rest of America was minding their business and working hard to feed their families, she decided to spend her time training new antigovernment activists. The EAGFoundation has shared an amazing video about this matter. It is an eye-opener for anyone who was unaware of the extent of her crimes.

Chicago union teachers were even given instructions from Fithian about how to stage their arrests for maximum impact back in 2011. If there are any issues taking place in the United States, she will be right there to fan the flames. The Ferguson riots couldn’t come and go without her input either. In 2014, she held training sessions in the St. Louis area.

Now, she is in the midst of plotting a violent takeover of the White House. This should come as a surprise to no one. Anyone who has been paying attention to the growing leftist rage over the past few years was probably able to see this one coming. Win or lose, we expect to see a great deal of violence from the left once the votes have been counted. They have subtly threatening everyone for the past four years.

The threats have finally become much less subtle. Journalist Millie Weaver is doing her best to make sure that the American people are fully prepared. She is even sharing crucial tweets. When you take a closer look at the info that she has to share, you are going to be absolutely terrified. What are these people doing and why do they think they can get away with it?

“Exclusive footage! Leftist protest groups plot election day coup aided by the Democrat Party, Federal employees & Intelligence contractors. – They plan to shut down & take over Washington D.C. starting Nov. 4th until inauguration day to force Trump out of the White House,” Weaver declared. In the video, Fithian can be heard telling the recruits to provide support to their armed cohorts.

Filmmaker Jeremy Segal paid a visit to America’s Voice with Frank Gaffney yesterday to discuss Fithian’s plans. If you would like to learn more about these plans and what he had to say about them, this is your chance to do so. Election day is right around the corner. We won’t be surprised if a lot of our readers spent their weekends preparing for the inevitable.

The election promises to bring a lot of chaos, even if the outcome is relatively hard to challenge. Fithian cannot be the only leftist who has plans like this and that’s the hardest part to wrap our brains around here. What if she is merely creating a distraction and the real attack is still being kept under wraps? This is something that everyone needs to be taking the time to consider while they prepare for Tuesday.

As for us, we are just going to be happy when it is over. The polls are not nearly as infallible as the liberals think they are and they are already acting like a landslide is about to take place. Something tells us that the election is not going to go down in the manner that they seem to think it will. It’s just a hunch at the moment but let’s revisit soon, shall we?.

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