Trump Donates 3rd Quarter Salary To Undo BLM Protesters Damage

The United States heads to a new election, and President Donald Trump has announced that he will continue to donate his salary to worthy causes. In the case of his third-quarter salary, Trump has elected to donate that $100,000 to the National Park Service to help restore and repair monuments, according to The Washington Examiner.

It would be difficult to see this move as anything other than a pointed statement to the Black Lives Matter movement who has been systematically been tearing down statues and monuments since late May.

Trump announced his decision via Twitter on Friday telling the American people, “I promised YOU I would not take a dime of salary as your President. I donate the entire $400,000! It is my honor to give $100,000 to @NatlParkService  to help repair and restore our GREAT National Monuments. So important to our American History! Thank You!!”

The billionaire real estate mogul turned politician has done whatever possible to foil BLM’s movements at every turn, something that is the complete opposite of his presidential rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

BLM’s decision to attack statues and monuments to the United States’ history stems from what they characterize as systemic racism. According to the violently progressive movement, the death of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who died in police custody in late May, was a typical example of what happens to defenseless people of color on a regular basis.

Information that came to light in the weeks following Floyd’s Memorial Day death contradicted initial reports about his criminal history, drug use, and combative nature during the arrest. By that time, however, irate BLM protesters left cities across the nation in ashes and saw corporations and politicians alike, scrambling to appear as progressive as possible.

As Americans worked to keep the economy alive under COVID-19 restrictions, protesters looted and rioted in the name of change, and for the short term, it appears that change has come. Companies, franchises, and institutions have made a concentrated effort to make sure there is a stronger presence for people of color. However, the question arises, how long will the changes be seen as positive, to anyone.

Part of the protests, riots, and violence, were pointed at defunding the police and overthrowing the historical presence of much of what the Founding Fathers put into place. However, the efforts of those who have never lived under tyranny to install a totalitarian form of government that is slanted in their favor seem likely to backfire.

The progressive movement is (in action, if not also in intention) attempting to adopt a form of government that could be characterized as a socialist/communist regime. Their plan differs from historical attempts only because it’s slanted in their favor. The problem with their plan is that when they take the freedoms of others, they also take their own. They are, in essence, feeding others to the tiger of the human condition of power-hungry greed, with the assumption that it adopt them as one of its own and the ruthlessness they advocate for won’t apply to them.

Republicans, with Trump at the helm, have consistently pointed to the writings and work of the founders, who were acutely familiar with what ruthless leadership looked like, as a beacon for how to retain the freedoms that were so graciously given to Americans at great cost.

While Americans have a beloved history of course correction when it’s faced with injustice, without or within, it also has a proud history of not negotiating with terrorists. Our statues and historical monuments are reminders of those who gave their lives for “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Many of those whose statues now need restoration understood that the problem with feeding the aforementioned tiger is that the best you can hope for is to be eaten last.

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