Trump’s Describes Vision for America – It’s What the Country Stands For

President Trump has widened the gap that he has over Joe Biden. Record numbers of people are flocking to his camp and casting their votes for the president. The Democrats are running scared, so they invent their polls and try to get the media to pass off numbers showing Biden is going to win. But if there is one that the nation knows for sure is that President Trump’s vision for America is exactly what America was founded on centuries ago.

Joe Biden seeks to change America into a lower form of liberal Nazism. His personal background, mixed with corruption, will only define his evil reign in the White House if elected. The criminal mischief he did as vice president with his son Hunter is only the tip of the iceberg. He is guilty of so many atrocities that he would spend hundreds of years in jail if they were all exposed.

President Trump’s America is based on honesty and openness. The nation was founded on morals that had to be upheld by all politicians, or they could not serve their country. Biden and the rest of the nasty Democrats would be illegible to serve in politics during its early years. Biden would be branded a traitor for the secret work he did for his son with Ukraine. Ilhan Omar would have been placed in front of a firing squad for her remarks about terrorism and her support of the enemy.

The president stated, “I think you owe an explanation to the American people about the Hunter Biden scandal.” But Biden, the buffoon, said turned it around and tried to pin the same thing on the president, which ended up being a false accusation.

President Trump’s position and plan for immigration mirrors that of when the nation was founded. People could come from other countries to America, but they had to come legally. The president has said the same thing for years.

Biden’s plan for America is to let in every illegal with a criminal record. He wants to open borders and let them walk right in without going through the process of becoming a legal citizen. Democrats want to open the country up to the slime of the world. They want Americans to feel unsafe and fear for their lives at the hands of the illegals waiting to invade from the south.

All one has to do is remember what happened under Obama and Biden just two terms ago. Kids were taken from their parents and shoved in cages like wild dogs. President Trump put an end to the inhumane treatment of humans at hand, so the liberals.

President Trump believes that a president needs to give truthful and direct answers to the people. This is something that he has modeled for the past four years of his first term. President Trump’s plan for America keeps wages fair for the employer and the worker.

Biden’s plan is still up in the air. He must not believe that the president must give direct answers as he dodges questions that he does not want to answer. All Biden can do is lobby for big government.

President Trump believes that the power of government should lie with the people and the states. The state needs to decide what is best for itself because every state is different. What one person earns in a Midwest state should be different than a coastal state because the standard of living is different.

Biden wants to expand the federal government and strip away the freedom of choice that the states have. The problem that he will face is that the Constitution gives states a whole host of powers that they are to have as ruling bodies. Biden has no right to take that all away.

Biden’s definition of America is ruled by a dictator who tells people what to do. There are no checks and balances like there is today. President Trump wanted to work with the Democrats from the start, but they were unwilling to trust him because they were angry that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. The next four years under President Donald Trump will be great because his way mirrors the way the Republic is to run.

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